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Top 3 Cost Saving Renovation Tips

We all want a beautiful house, but our wallet is not always deep enough to dig for funds that can finance a heavy renovation. Fret not, for here are 3 top cost saving tips to help you achieve a gorgeous home without announcing bankruptcy.




Use Paint instead of Wallpaper

If you’re looking for an economical yet effective way of beautifying your home, then wall paint is definitely a great alternative to wallpaper. A typical package (inclusive of paint) for a 4-room flat can be anywhere between $1200 to $1500, although you might be able to negotiate for a better price. Wallpapering, on the other hand, has two separate charges: installation and rolls of wallpaper. For example, the installer may charge you $75 per roll, but you might require up to 20 rolls. Assuming that each roll costs about $50, the total cost works out to be $2500. There is also a wide range of paint colours to choose from and if you DIY, you can even create gorgeous patterns on the walls with the handy use of masking/painter’s tape and your imagination.


Don’t Install a Glass Backsplash in the Kitchen

Glass has always been an expensive material so if you don’t relish forking out money to pay for a piece of glass, you can consider cheaper options like wall panels from IKEA, plexiglass or one of those plastic sheets that your mom used to cover the kitchen counter-top. You can always do a replacement whenever they get too dirty or worn out. Or you can religiously clean the wall after every cooking session, which you should rightfully be doing anyways!



Cut Down On The Carpentry

Having built-in furniture can be a costly venture due to all the labour and material that go into it. In this case, you might want to consider investing in pre-loved furniture that you can get at places such as Expats Auctions Singapore, Gumtree or Craiglist and refurbish them. Even Hock Siong & Co is a great source of pre-loved but still gorgeous pieces at affordable prices. If the furniture is in good condition, a refreshing coat of paint or two can give it a brand new look that will last for more years to come. Not to mention that it’s pretty eco-friendly too! Just refrain from buying from questionable sources.


These are our top 3 cost saving renovation tips but if you have other ideas to save cost, do share with us on our Facebook fan page!

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