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Top 3 Colours for Your Bedroom

Choosing the right colour for your home is important and rightly so, because colours can influence our mood and thoughts. This is especially important for the bedroom, where the priority is to create a restful ambience and not a stimulating place of excitement. In fact, choosing a suitable colour can very well affect the quality of your sleep so it’s not just a matter of personal preference. Not sure what colours to choose for your bedroom? We suss out the 3 colours that are often recommended for your personal dreamland.



According to a study done by Travelodge in Britain, people who sleep in a blue bedroom get the best quality of sleep. Little surprise there, because blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow down respiration as well as heart rate; which makes it the perfect calming colour for your bedroom. Go for a light shade of blue and match it with warm neutrals to ground the room in serenity. As for darker blues, you might want to use it as an accent because too much of it can make the room feel too cold especially if it doesn’t receive a lot of natural light.




Both sophisticated and luxurious, the family of purple gives off a similar restful vibe. It’s also a significant colour in Fengshui because it’s believed to induce physical and mental healing. As an accent colour, dark purples like eggplant brings an enchanting depth to any room. On the other hand, using lighter variations like lilac or lavender as the primary colour will infuse your bedroom with a touch of romance and sensuality.




As the signature colour of Mother Nature, green is definitely the go-to colour for a restful experience. After all, didn’t our mothers tell us that green is good for the eyes? Unlike the fiery red, green has a cooling quality that is suitable for almost any room in your home. It’s also commonly associated with fertility so having it in your bedroom may just boost your family numbers! Paint your room in relaxing greens such as teal or apple green, but you can also add a dash of fun by using bright greens like lime as an accent.



What about bright colours like orange and yellow? Well, we think using such colours in your bedroom is fine as long as you stick to their pastel versions or use them only as pops of accent colours. After all, you want to be able to get a good night’s sleep after a long day’s work.

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