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Top 10 Ways To Decorate Your Room With Flat Woven Rugs

While decorating your room with cheap rugs Singapore, it is better to understand that not every flat-woven rug is same and creates a different feel when used differently.

We have come across with the question “where to buy rugs in Singapore?” many times. But it is quite important to note that decorating the rugs is as important as buying it from the right store. Here are ten tips to decorate your room with rugs.

1) Pairing Muted Patterns

Spreading a large rug on your bedroom gives extreme comfort. For an additional softness underfoot, try a bedside flat-weave rug on the larger one to create a landing spot.

2) Layering Two Patterns

Layer two patterns (neutral colour Moroccan rug on a vibrant colour Turkish rug) that suit your room size. Enjoy the gorgeous pattern of cheap rugs Singapore which offer relaxed softness.

3) Layering with Natural Fiber Rugs

Try a natural fiber area rug like jute or sisal and layer a flat woven rug on top of that. The layering effect with different shapes of flat woven rugs on top creates a beautiful contrast between the two rugs.

4) Cozy On Wall

Layer a flat woven rug over wall-to-wall carpeting. Decorate with a midsize rug for extra-softness on floor that emphasizes thicker colours in the room.

5) Make It Elegant And Unified

A long narrow space can be filled with flat woven rugs at a slight jaunty angle with edges overlapping.

6) Use Multiple Rugs

Try using multiple flat woven rugs with edges slightly overlapping to bring a Boho-Chic vibe. Make sure to use limited colours for an eclectic look.

7) Fill With Darker Shades

Use darker shades of flat woven rugs that are easy to clean on hallways, kitchen and other areas that tend to have more foot falls.

8) Explore With Different Shapes

It is not compulsory to use a square or rectangular shaped rug. Instead, you can use a circular or differently shaped rug that suits your room and furniture.

9) Go With Style And Pattern

Consider using a patterned rug without being too bold but to add a color pop to the room.

10) Crave For Colors

Top a fringed flat weave rug on your bed for an inviting look. It can be folded when using the bed and is perfect for summer months.


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