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10 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Like a Spa Without Sacrificing Space

You don’t need to sacrifice that much space to get an indulgent and pamper-worthy bathroom. Get ready to reward yourself with a spa day every day when you turn that small bathroom into a luxurious spa sanctuary with these easy tips.

1. Use a calming colour palette

A small bathroom can feel cramped and claustrophobic. So how do you create a more calming and relaxing atmosphere? Use the right colours. We like using earthy neutrals, which can evoke a sense of cosiness and warmth or soothing hues inspired by nature like greens and blues. A clean, crisp white is also perfect for a small bathroom; it’s classic and will also give the sense of spaciousness.

Design: Akihaus

2. Add plants or other natural elements

Want to feel even more at peace? Consider throwing in plants or other natural elements. When choosing the best plants for your bathroom, go with ones that will thrive in high humidity and low sunlight. Snake Plants and Money Plants are good options that will thrive in your bathroom. Other natural elements to consider include cladding your bathroom with textured stone tiles, going with pebbled flooring or using specially treated wood in the dryer zone of your bathroom.

Designs: Design Zage (left) and The Local Inn.terior (right)

3. Make it feel luxurious

For a luxurious touch to your spa sanctuary, inject metallic details. For instance, you could switch out your bathroom fixtures from conventional chrome to a warmer metallic like gold or brass, which will also help to warm up a colder colour scheme. Or go with marble tiles, which are always the epitome of opulence. Luxury doesn’t have to take up extra space.

Design: Met Interior

4. Include cove lighting

Cove lights are such a great way to add ambience and mood to your small bathroom turned spa sanctuary because they make a big visual impact without using up a lot of space. In bathrooms, they are usually incorporated behind mirrors to give a soft glow effect. This would also provide you with very even lighting suited for doing various tasks like putting on makeup or shaving. Functional and beautiful? Sold.

Design: Starry Homestead

5. Opt for a vessel sink and a floating toilet

Nothing like a gorgeous vessel sink and a floating toilet to really sell the idea of a spa sanctuary. Besides their good looks, they are great for small spaces. Vessel sinks take up less vanity top space, whilst a floating toilet frees up floor estate so it makes your bathroom appear light and airy.

Design: Richfield Integrated

6. Indulge in a rain shower

If you have decent water pressure in your small bathroom, consider getting a rain shower. Rain showers are meant to mimic the gentle fall of rain, which lends for a very relaxing shower experience. Do make sure the rain shower isn’t the only water source in your shower though; you’ll want to complement it with a regular shower head to make things still functional in your bathroom.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

7. Invest in your towels

Ever noticed how towels in commercial spas are oh-so-fluffy? That’s because good towels can make your skin feel plump and pampered. If you are looking to recreate that spa experience in your bathroom, you will want to invest in towels that are plush, soft for your skin and absorbent. Don’t be afraid to get extras—you will want to change them regularly so they will always stay in shape, or you can even roll them for display!

Design: Noble Interior Design

8. Pay attention to the smell of your space

Keep your spa sanctuary always smelling clean and fresh by ventilating your bathroom properly after use and ensuring regular upkeep. Leftover moisture can create mildew and mould problems that would not only leave your space smelling icky, but can also create health problems down the road. Use natural odour absorbers like baking soda by leaving a bowl of it out on your bathroom counter every once in a while to help absorb any lingering odours. Hang out some eucalyptus leaves around the bathroom. The steam from your shower will trigger a release of essential oils that would leave your space smelling clean and fresh.


9. Hide your clutter

In a small bathroom, things can pile up quickly if you don’t keep them in check. And a messy space is no spa sanctuary. Keep clutter at bay using closed storage systems and get baskets or other smaller organisers to store extra toiletries. Only put out a few choice ones that you frequently use. Toiletries on display should be turned out into label-free reusable bottles, which help to minimise visual distraction and keep things looking neat and uniformed.

Design: Ju Design Studio

10. Don’t hold back on quality essentials and toiletries

Speaking of toiletries, don’t hold back on getting quality ones that you love, smell really good and will make your skin feel extra revitalised. Keep spa essentials like loofahs, sponges, scented moisturisers and body scrubs at hand so you can always have a spa experience whenever you feel like it. Getting a small wooden bucket for a foot spa would also be a nice touch. Scents like lavender, jasmine, rose and geranium are some of the best scents for relaxing the mood.

Design: Fineline Design


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