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Tips for Painting Doors

Repaint your doors to breathe new life into the home in just one day.

Are the doors and cabinets in your home looking a little tired from wear and tear? If discoloration and flaking is the only thing that needs fixing, all it will take is a new layer of paint to revitalise its entire look.

A splash of bold colour on the door can do wonders – it can almost work like a facelift for your home without any major redecorating!

Be it the door to the master bedroom, or the kitchen cabinets, giving them a fresh coat of paint is a good way to update the home’s interiors with this year’s trendiest colours – look to AkzoNobel’s ColourFutures 2016 for inspiration.

Simply follow these tips to give your doors the perfect finish.

Prep work is crucial

Prepare the door for painting by lightly sanding the wooden surface. Use a medium or fine grade sandpaper to get the door looking and feeling as smooth as possible. It is best to try and avoid making it look too ‘polished’ – the paint will stick better if the surface has a small amount of grip. Wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Apply the Dulux Water-Based Gloss Primer. A good quality primer will help the paint glide on more smoothly. It is fast-drying, and specially designed for application on wood and metal surfaces with enhanced smoothness. This Singapore Green Label certified product is also 100% water-based, has low odour, and low VOC.

After about two hours of drying time, lightly sand with fine coarse paper. Remember to do a final wipe down, which is important in getting a smooth finish!

Choosing the right type of paints

To finish off the paint job, pair the Dulux Water-Based Gloss Primer with the Dulux Water-based Gloss. It is a waterbourne coating that’s based on a 100% water-based acrylic system, enabling a glossier finish than normal water-based paint. Now you can achieve that luxurious gloss finish for both interior and exterior doors for the home!

Specially designed for application on wood and metal surfaces, this paint also doesn’t contain lead or mercury, providing safe and long-lasting protection.

In addition, this Green Label certified product has low odour and low VOC, is quick to dry, and a breeze to apply.

Getting the painting process right

  1. If you’re painting a flat door with no paneling or molding, we recommend you choose a 4-inch (10cm) brush or a small roller. Painting paneled doors? You’ll need a small 2-inch (5cm) brush.
  2. Use a cloth or a sponge to slightly dampen (not soak) the door surface. This trick will help to increase the time the paint takes to dry, giving you more time to apply it, reducing brush marks.
  3. Apply the paint in even, broad strokes across the surface of the door. If you can, try and avoid going back over surfaces already painted – this will help you create an even finish.
  4. If your paint is too thick, stir in some paint thinner to ensure better smoothness.
  5. Keep your brushes and rollers in a bucket covered with a damp cloth when not in use, so they won’t dry out.
  6. We recommend applying two coats, allowing the paint to dry fully in between each coat.
  7. Wait for at least six hours to dry.
  8. Admire your handiwork!

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