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8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet or Rug

More than just a decorative piece, a carpet or rug has the power to transform any area into a comfortable, cosy and luxurious living space. Finding a suitable carpet and rug isn’t a walk in the park, as it will have to match the decor of your room. To help you in your search, here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting your carpet or rug.

1. The size of the carpet/rug is very much dependent on the size of the room. It should never be too small for a space. If you are using a rug underneath a dining table, the chairs of the table should sit comfortably on the rug. Bedrooms and larger spaces in the house can have throw rugs that are smaller in size. Design tip: use smaller rugs of different designs to make distinct living spaces.

Designer Celia Berliner says multiple rugs are only OK in large rooms. “If you have a very large room, the placement of rugs will create and define multiple alternative spaces that will punctuate the space and bring harmony and unity to the overall design,” she says.

2. If you are buying more than one rug for one space, buy rugs that compliment each other in design, style and colour. This is important so that one piece doesn’t stand out too much.

3. Designer Amy Bubier recommends buying a rug before decorating room as it becomes the foundation of the entire decor. She says, “Often, rugs are the more limiting piece when it comes to pattern, colour and what fits into your budget, so you may want to start with the rug design and move on to the other fabrics in your room and paint from there.” Designer David Scott makes a point for area rug being the “soul of your room”. He says that the “colour scheme, furniture placement and accessories should all connect back to it.”

4. Dark and bright coloured carpets and rugs look great in large rooms. For smaller rooms, light pastel coloured rugs are better suited as they tend to make the room look larger.

5. Making a choice between the colour, shade, design and creativity of a rug or carpet can be a difficult task. Decide between traditional, transitional, floral and modern patterns based on your personal decor sense, style and with respect to other furnishing items in your house. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

6. If you have small kids or pets or both, then wear and tear will soon show up on your rug or carpet. According to designer David Scott, “The number one rule of decorating with area rugs is to purchase the rug with your lifestyle in mind. If you have pets and young kids, be sure to use wool rugs that clean easily. Pick those that have patterns to hide the inevitable signs of life — stains, shedding, hair and spills.”

7. For rug and carpet connoisseurs, wool fibered carpets are the immediate choice. It is a natural fibre, meaning that they will remain cool even in hot climates like Singapore. Apart from the luxurious soft feel underneath your feet, it is easy to maintain, clean and dust. Wool is also great for absorbing noise and they are durable – the original colour retains its shine even after years of use

8. You’ll be surprise to know that area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. There are actually rugs available for every space, check the range from Chilewich Even Stripe Shag Rug. Designer Andreea Avram Rusu says that “an area rug’s shape should depend on the furniture and the shape and size of the room.” In dining rooms, she suggests using a rectangular rug with a long table, a hexagonal rug with a square table and a round rug with a round table.


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