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Tiny Living around the World

A typical 3 room HDB flat is 65 sqm. This is also roughly the average size of a 2 bedder condominium in Singapore. Nonetheless, the smallest HDB flat comes in the form of a Studio Apartment, which is approximately 36 to 45 sqm. The condominium equivalent will be the Mickey Mouse (or widely known as MM) units.

So what are the tiniest homes around the world?

Did Singapore’s MM condominium unit make it to the list?

Let’s find out…

Micro-unit Apartment 

Found in Kips Bay New York, each unit with a size of around 23 sqm is a result of  the city’s changing demographics; 76 percent of Manhattan households are made up of two or fewer people. The living spaces comes with space-saving creative designs such as pull-out pantries and fould-out counters. Multi-functional furniture is a must for such a tiny apartment.

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Geki-sema Share Houses

Found in Tokyo, these units stacked on top of each other. Such windowless apartments are arranged like drawers in a mausoleum, and is big enough for a mattress and few possessions. In case you might wonder who lives in such “Coffin”-like housing, the renters include young and single professionals who spend most of their time at work and away from home. Its size? A mere 4.5 sqm!

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Cubicle Apartment

Found in Hong Kong, these 3.7 sqm apartments are no larger than a king-size bed and yet, such claustrophobic apartments are actually homes to families! Is this even humanly possible?! Well, let these photos speak for themselves!

O_o !

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