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Three Easy Singapore Interior Design Tips on a Budget

Here’s a tip for those who are working on their Singapore home’s interior design on a limited budget: work with what you’ve got. If you are merely redesigning your Singapore home, you don’t need to spend a small fortune just to get a new feel. Surprisingly, creating a new feel for your home can be so easy. As they say, it can just be about revamping what you have and seeing it from a new perspective. Here are a few interior design tips that will help you save on costs:


  1. Rearrange your existing furniture.Rearranging can have a great effect on a room. Singapore Interior designers would recommend that you think of balance and functionality when you rearrange your furniture. Always make sure that there is colour continuity too. You can rearrange your furniture into conversation groups to make it easy for the guests and dwellers to talk to one another. While rearranging your existing furniture, make sure you do not obstruct pathways. Always leave space for you and your guests to move around.
  2. Refurbish or change the cover of your old furniture. Some interior designers in Singapore would recommend changing the covers of your couch. For old wood furniture, you always have the choice to repaint them. Make sure you use paints and finishes that have no VOCs and always choose organic products for your slipcovers and other fabrics.
  3. Hang old photos and paintings to liven up your room. Yes, it is a trick used by a lot of Singapore interior designers. If your home does not have many windows, photos and paintings can help break the monotony of your walls. Nature scenes work best to give you a serene feeling. You can also do this to showcase your own artwork, collections or even your family portraits.

That seems pretty easy, right? You don’t even have to spend large amounts of cash for it. Just use your creativity and your imagination for your interior design endeavour.

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