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This Incredibly Ingenious Bedroom Space Saving Idea will leave you in Awe

Small bedroom usually present big design challenges.
Nonetheless the Russian design firm, INT2architecture, has an amazing solution for tiny cramped bedrooms; a specially built in multi-functional storage solution which doubles up as a bed, wardrobe, bookshelf which even houses a screen projector!
The ingenious solution managed to declutter this small bedroom which used to house many disparate free-standing objects; wardrobe, bookcase, a chest of drawers for miscellaneous items, study desk and single bed. Combining all these non-congruent objects into one single compact entity at one end of the room actually frees up the other half of the room, opening up new usage possibility!
In fact, INT2architecture also managed to turn this tiny room into an entertainment area by including a screen projector at the top of the storage solution. The wall on the other half of the room is the screening wall and the movable panel also slides open a chalk board and mirror when the projector is not in use. Such multi-functional surface functions very well as a vanity wall, an organizer and entertainment wall when needed.
For homeowners who are keen to explore this solution with your renovation professionals, these detailed technical diagrams depict the multi-functional storage solution deconstructed, should come in handy. Although the description is in Russian, the drawings are actually comprehensive enough to be self-explanatory.
All images from contemporist and

Isn’t this idea amazing? With a bit of ingenuity, this design firm has shown us how we can think out of the box to reclaim a surprising amount of real estate in a small bedroom!

Hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did! 🙂
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