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This 4K TV is just SUPER!

When it comes to TVs, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice. And what will make you choose one TV over the other may be for the picture quality, design or the most value-for-money piece of screen technology. Speaking of value-for-money, there is LG’s range of Super UHD TVs, which are an underrated bunch.

The 2018 Super UHD TV lineup aspires to be the best in LED technology in the market.

Essentially, the Super UHDs are LED TVs which use an LED backlit display technology with quantum level colour enhancement. The 2018 Super UHD TV lineup by LG is aspiring to lead the LED technology as the best LED TV in the market with some of its upgrades, especially with the Full Array Local Dimming panels and second generation Nano Cell technology.

Besides being value-for-money, there are plenty of reasons why you should be seriously considering them as your next TV:


1. Rich and accurate colours at any angle

Colours are rich and accurate in LG’s Super UHD no matter which angle you’re looking from.

One of the main technologies behind LG’s Super UHD TV is the Nano Cell Display that works on a quantum level. What this does is to provide richer and more accurate colours that are not overly saturated.

Compared to conventional LEDs, the Super UHD LED TV is able to show rich and accurate colours even from an angle.

Comparing the colours on the Super UHD TV (top), which features the nano cell technology, with an LED TV (bottom).

Each colour cell on the LG Super UHD screen is just 1 nanometre (nm) compared to conventional LEDs where cells are inconsistent in sizes. LG’s uniform microscopic cells help to maximise colour reproduction to reach a greater array of colours that gives you more defined and precise images.

Each nano cell absorbs unwanted light to reduce colour fading and degradation for a better viewing experience.

Absorbing unwanted light, the nano cells reduce colour fading and degradation so there’s little impact in terms of colour vibrancy even if you’re viewing the TV from a less-than-ideal angle. This is a TV that’s made for family sharing, where everyone will get to enjoy the same picture quality no matter where they sit.

You can learn more about how the LG Nano Cell technology enhances your viewing experience from football superstar Kaka:


2. Crisp and clean images

The 2018 Super UHD TV models also come with Full Array Local Dimming (FALD). This feature matters because it makes the blacks in the screen look much deeper, and a deeper black means you’re getting clearer and crisper images as well as a better contrast.

Here’s a more technical explanation: Most conventional LED TVs are edge-lit, where the LEDs are located along the edge of the TV facing the centre. They can dim certain areas of the screen, but the areas are much broader and way less precise than in a FALD TV. As such, what you get with these edge-lit TVs are blacks with a tinge of grey. Not quite the same oomph as with a FALD LED TV.

In a FALD TV, there’s more control over which areas are supposed to be dark and which areas are supposed to be bright.

In FALD, there are individual LEDs spread across the back of the screen. They are lit up and dimmed by blocks or “zones”, which enables better control over the parts that are supposed to be bright and the parts that are supposed to be dark. This helps to increase shadow details, reduce light bleeding and create blacks that have more depth.

Using a phone camera, we looked at how the FALD works on the Super UHD TV. In the video below, notice how the zones of LED lights get brighter when they are closer to a part of the screen where it’s supposed to be bright, and how the zones of LED lights get darker where the screen is supposed to be dark.

FALD in LG’s Super UHD TV

In conventional LED TVs that don’t have FALD, LEDs don’t get as bright or dark when they are supposed to. This can impact overall picture quality, and you won’t get colours that are as vibrant as with a Super UHD:

LED TV with no FALD

This FALD feature works in tandem with the Alpha 7 intelligent processor developed by LG in the Super UHD TV, which is designed to optimise picture quality by reducing noise as well as enhancing image details and colours.


3. Perfect home entertainment machine

LG’s Super UHD TV also supports most HDR (high dynamic range) content, including Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR10 Pro, HLG Pro and the piece de resistance, Dolby Vision. All these might just sound like a bunch of acronyms, but there are lots to love about HDR content. Not only are colours deeper and more realistic in HDR, you are also getting images that are more reflective of what the cinematographer and director want. Currently, the LG Super UHD TV offers the widest range of HDR models/formats that you can find in the market right now.

LG’s Super UHD is future-proof as it supports HDR content.

Now, not all content we see on TV now are actually HDR so you might think there’s no point getting an HDR-ready TV anyway. While there is still some way to go before everything gets converted into HDR, there has been a gradual shift towards developing HDR content. And with major streaming services like Netflix also jumping on the bandwagon with their list of HDR movies, it really doesn’t hurt to be future-proof at this point in time.


4. True cinematic sound

Having great images is great, but what’s great image without quality sound? The LG Super UHD now supports Dolby Atmos, which, for the uninitiated, is a sound technology that most cinemas use to get that immersive full 360 object-based surround sound experience. Now imagine that inside your home.

Get a three-dimensional surround sound experience with Dolby Atmos.

With Dolby Atmos, it’s a true three-dimensional sound space as even the smallest sound details are captured. You’ll get to hear up to 128 different sounds just in one scene alone!


5. Premium design

Getting a TV that looks good is probably not so important—that is, until you realise it sticks out like a sore thumb amidst your well-curated minimalist design. Thankfully, the Super UHD TV comes with a sleek and thin profile that features a near invisible bezel for a look that is both stunning and stylish.

A sleek and contemporary design.

There are also various sizes available, ranging from the 65-inch SK9500 to the 49-inch SK8000, so you will definitely find one that will fit right in your home.

Prices start from $1,899 for the SK8000 to $6,199 for SK9500. For more information, visit

LG is running a Red Fair promotion till 15 August 2018. Receive an additional voucher of up to $300 when you purchase selected LG SUPER UHD TVs. For more details about this promotion, visit

This post is brought to you by LG.


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