5 Things You Can Now Do in Your “Beamless” BTO

  • Oct 20, 2022

Good news folks who are planning to ballot for a unit at Tengah’s upcoming November 2022 projects, Garden Waterfront I and II @ Tengah. As a reward for being pioneers in a brave new world, you will be pioneers in BTO units that have no ceiling beams

For current BTO homeowners, you’ll understand how structural ceiling beams have always been a huge pain in the butt, as evidenced by these homes:

The built-in wardrobe is partially eaten by the structural ceiling beam.

Design: Aesthete Interior Design

A structural beam protrudes out from nowhere.

Design: Chengyi Interior Design

Thanks to the structural beam, the feature wall design doesn't get to seamlessly stretch across the length of the home.

Design: Weiken

Our article here talks about some ways to overcome this structural ugliness. 

If this “beamless” design is well-received in Tengah's upcoming BTO, we can only hope it will be carried to other developments in the future. For now, the rest of us can only look on in envy at the increasing number of design ideas that are now possible:

1. You can now decorate your ceiling with abandon

With no more beams, your ceiling is now a blank and unhindered canvas for more daring designs. Because the design is now able to stretch across a larger expanse of space, the result will feel a lot grander and more impressive. From wood slabs and beadboard to wallpaper and fluted panels, you can now turn the fifth wall into a proper focal point:

Design: The Scientist

Design: Ehka Studio

Design: Ovon Design

Design: 932 Design

Design: In-Expat

And if you are missing those beams, you can always incorporate them back for a chic farmhouse look. Of course, this time, you actually get to choose how long and where you want the beams to be.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

2. You can now do up your layout however you wish

No more having to follow HDB’s recommendations on how much space you should allocate for your dining area or home office because of those structural beams. You can now arrange your layout however you wish. Change up standard orientations! Make your workstation bigger than your living room! Go crazy! With great flexibility comes great design responsibility people, so make sure things still stay chic and functional, like in these homes:

Design: Aart Boxx Interior

Design: Medina Design & Interiors

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

Design: Nitton Architects

Design: Jubilee Interior

Design: Voila

3. You can now incorporate more storage

With BTOs becoming smaller, this “beamless” design should come as a great relief because it means that extra headroom can now be replaced with full-height storage. More storage is always welcomed in a small space.

Design: Design Identity

Design: MET Interior

For folks who are thinking of setting up that walk-in wardrobe between the master bedroom and another common bedroom, the extra ceiling beam between the rooms will no longer be an issue and you can raise your closet to as high as the ceiling goes. Use that extra space and turn them into open cubbies for luggage or rope in baskets to keep things organised up there.

Design: Icon Interior Design

Design: Space Atelier

Design: DistinctIdentity

4. You can now make your home look taller than ever

Relying on a design trick to make your home appear taller can have its limitations, especially when there's a pesky structural ceiling beam blocking said trick from realising its full potential. But with "beamless" ceilings, you now can incorporate all these neat ideas to make your ceiling appear taller than ever.

Use full-height glass panels:

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Design: Space Factor

Go with mirrored ceilings:

Design: Akihaus

Keep the wall and ceiling the same colour:

Design: Space Atelier

Take dividers all the way to the ceiling:

Design: Story of Us

Design: Linear Space Concepts

5. You can now do (proper) raised platforms

Because of the “beamless” design, you can probably do up a decent platform now. HDB currently has regulations surrounding platform design, one of which recommends that you keep to at least a 2.4-metre distance between the platform and ceiling. While you probably still won’t be able to do up a storage platform legally, you can design a pretty ledge that can help divvy up your spaces or turn your home into a modern ryokan.

Design: Monocot

Design: Goy Architects

Design: Ethereall

Design: UNO Interior

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