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The Panda Showcase: BirBor

With so many choices of furniture out there, it can get a tad confusing after a while. But if you’re particularly in love with the ethnic beauty of culture rich countries like Indonesia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in Central Asia, then you’re in for a treat.


A relatively new label that started in 2012, Birbor is a Bali-based furniture brand that restores vintage pieces and upholsters them with gorgeous embroidered ethnic textiles, traditional and modern fabrics. Victoria from Birbor explains their brand philosophy, ”the brilliance of Birbor is that it honours an enduring craft. The furniture is the epitome of casual elegance, world travel and bohemian glamour…each piece is conceived to become an heirloom and designed to keep legacies alive.”

These unique pieces are great if you’re looking to do up an ethnic theme for your home concept. A single piece from Birbor will bring much colour and depth to your room, even one that’s simply decorated. Itching to get your paws on these unique pieces? Then don’t forget to visit their online store at Etsy!

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