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The Panda Checks Out The Wireless Scene

Everything’s going wireless these days! That’s not necessarily a bad thing because think of all the ugly wiring you’ll never get to see! Not to mention you’ll never have to worry about dust collecting or wires in mysterious entanglements. XD

So the Panda Girl was recently invited to a couple of media previews by two popular brands–Philips and Bang and Olufsen–that had recently launched their very own wireless products. Bang and Olufsen introduced a major breakthrough in wireless sound while Philips gave us a kaleidoscope of colours to light up our homes wirelessly.

Reproducing Sound As The Artiste Intended It

If you’re a big fan of live performances, then you really got to check out these three speakers by Bang and Olufsen.


BeoLab 17: $6000/pair


BeoLab 18: $8500/pair


BeoLab 19: $5500


These all-digital speakers run on the new WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Sound Association) standard for multi-channel wireless sound, so all you have to do is plug them into the mains in a room with any WiSA-compliant transmitter in order to link wirelessly to your TV, Blu-ray player or set-top box. The sounds that come from these speakers are really crystal clear, almost as if you’re right beside the performing singer! You can customise their appearance too, so the speakers will definitely make a stylish addition to your home. XD


A HUE-ing Good Time

Love mood lights or the idea of your lights alerting you whenever a notification pops up on Facebook? Now, HUE by Philips is no ordinary light bulb, which we already know to be energy saving. You can control light wirelessly through the use of the HUE app that can be downloaded on your smart phone AND customise your own light experience with just a tap of your finger. Sounds interesting, right? In fact, let me show you what HUE can do.


It’s just too cool for words la. Oh, and this app can run on any devices running iOS 4.3 or later, or Android 2.3 or later so we Android users are not left out again! Hooray! HUE is available for online orders at Retail sales start from 11 December 2013 at Apple Premium Resellers and Philips branded stores. The Philips HUE introduction pack will retail at $319.

If you ask me, I’d definitely love to have the Philips HUE in my home. Hehe…what about you?

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