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9 of the Most Innovative Storage Ideas EVER

Most of us will tend to agree that storage is incredibly important. This is particularly true for me, as I cannot stand the sight of clutter. The less I see, the better. Of course, once in a while the bohemian part of me emerges and my existing flat gets turned into a canvas of kitschy finds from flea markets. But for the most part, I’m happy seeing things behind closed cupboards.

Design: Versaform

If you’re like me and like things to look neat and tidy, you would want to pin these innovative storage ideas that I’ve come across in Singapore homes. They are built-ins rather than freestanding units. While I have nothing against the latter, they sometimes do take more space than necessary! Built-ins are a much more efficient use of space and can be customised exactly to fit awkward alcoves or even to reach new heights and new lows.


#1: A shoe cabinet to conceal the bomb shelter

Too many shoes and don’t know where to put them? I know I have that problem! Create a customised shoe cabinet that can also conceal that large, ugly bomb shelter door that sits right smack in the middle of your home.

Design: Cozy Ideas

Design: Free Space Intent


#2: A shoe cabinet to hide the fuse box

If you still have too many pairs of shoes lying about, we recommend scaling back your shopping. Otherwise, build another shoe cabinet – this time, hide the ugly utility closet.

Design: Icon Interior Design


#3: A storage for your guest’s bed

Some of us like having guests around. Some of us, not so much. But we still have unwelcome visitors i.e. le mother-in-law visiting us anyway. Whichever the case, we’ll probably need a room to house them for whenever they come over.

However, an entire room devoted to people who only visit us once in a while seems a huge disrespect to space. The solution? Create customised storage that allows you to stow the guest bed away when not in use, so your room can become a multipurpose zone that occasionally serves as a guest bedroom. In this HDB flat, the guest beds can be folded back to the wall or stuffed under the platform when not in used.

Design: Nitton Architects


#4: Proper organisation for your corner cabinets

If you’re thinking of an L-shaped kitchen, you will probably be faced with the dilemma of corner cabinets. To have or not to have? On the one hand, we’ll need every inch we can get, but on the other, corner cabinets are like the black holes of storage spaces – we can’t seem to reach for things in them!

But with custom drawers like these, you will be able to make full use of the depth of your corner cabinets.

Design: Icon Interior Design


#5: The hallway exhibition space

Your hallway doesn’t just have to be just a walkway. It can be an exhibition space with a display cabinet filled with your favourite things, like your extensive bag collection!

Design: Fuse Concept


#6: The “over the door” storage

This one is for all the storage extremists out there. You know that tiny space above the door? Turns out it isn’t so tiny after all if you decide to reduce the height of your door frame so that you can put in more built-in storage. (Unless you’re claustrophobic or 1.9m tall, of course.) We recommend a sliding door for your entranceway so that you can even save more space.

Design: Fuse Concept


#7: A dresser within your wardrobe

If you’ve been told a vanity desk is a luxury piece of furniture that only people with sprawling mansions can afford to have, this storage genius is for you. Fitted with slots on both sides of its opening for your copious amounts of creams, moisturisers and what-have-yous, it fits neatly as a compartment within your wardrobe and is fully equipped with a spotlight and mirror.

Design: The Association


#8: Hide a table

If there’s one style to emulate for a clutter-free space, it’s the modern Japanese. Known for being modest, minimalist and organised, the style happens to feature wooden platforms that are great for storing things underneath. But why not take things further and store entire tables?

I love how these storage ideas use the top of the table as part of the platform surface so that the low table (another so Japanese element!) blends seamlessly when stowed away without having to take up extra space:

Design: KZ Designs



#9: A feature wall that conceals a bookshelf

TV feature walls often function as storage already, which is awesome. But there’s nothing like having a secret compartment to make yours stand out. This feature wall hides a bookshelf, revealed only after sliding away the top two compartments. It’s a great hiding place for storing private treasures away from prying eyes.

Design: Neu Konceptz


Let us know of other innovative storage ideas you’ve come across in the comments below!


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