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The Keys to a Hassle-Free Home Renovation

The only constant thing in life is change: needs change, goals, circumstances, even preferences. As people grow, so do demands on their homes. Renovation is an inevitable part of the homeowner’s life. Before starting with your home renovation, learn these two crucial elements to making it as smooth, hassle-free, and cost effective as possible.


Planning and managing all aspects of the renovation can mean the difference between getting the kitchen of your dreams and ending up with your worst nightmare. Hire a professional to help you with your remodel. Aside from his creativity and space-optimizing skills, he knows all the proper channels to go through for building permits, licenses, restrictions, etc. that your designer friend or cousin cannot help you with. Once you have come up with a plan, stick to it. Avoid making several changes along the way. It would also be wise to think long-term. Plan a renovation that will serve you thirty, fifty years from now. Install non-slip flooring, wider doorways, or a bedroom on the ground floor.

The second half of the battle is execution. Be as involved as possible during the whole renovation. You have on site to supervise every detail so the workers do the job right. Keep in mind that times are unpredictable. One day you might need to sell or lease out. A good-looking house sells itself. Repainting both the interior and exterior can add to your home’s market value. Communicate and coordinate with your contractor to make sure that everything they make is to your exact specifications.

Important reminder: wait until the very last detail of the renovation is completed before you pay off the contractor. It is the only leverage you have. Lastly, remember to enjoy the renovation as much as you can.

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