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The Hard Truth About Open Shelves

With the rise of the industrial and minimalist look, open shelving has also gained immense popularity due to the raw, naked appeal they exude. Nevertheless, despite the trendy appeal of open shelves, this design is not recommended for everyone. Hence, before you decide to achieve that much coveted look with open shelving, where are some of the considerations you should be aware of…

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Open Shelving…

1. Excellent Way to Save Renovation Costs

A complete set of storage cabinet takes longer, more materials and workmanship to construct. Since open shelves are much easier to install, they even can be done as a D.I.Y project. Therefore, they are much more budget friendly. As a result, open shelves are a great option if you are considering to reduce your renovation expenses significantly.

Design: Zidane Design Associates

2. Grab and Go!

One of the best things about having open shelves is its ease of access; you can easily retrieve what you need instantly. With open shelves, a quick glance is all you need to know what and where everything is placed. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and rummaging through the closed cabinets and drawers!

Design: Yonder

3. Cheap and Efficiently Way to Reclaim Storage Space

Open shelves are extremely practical ways to add more storage and display space for places where a full sized storage cabinet does not fit; they include the odd gaps and awkward corners.

Design: Xprado Interior Design

4. As Chic and Trendy Display Shelves

Open shelves are extremely versatile and therefore, they work with almost all of the home interior design styles seamlessly. Furthermore, using opening shelves allows you to display and show off your ornamental pieces effectively. They also create an illusion of having more space than you actually do! In addition, adding some strategically installed spotlights and the open shelf display immediately becomes a work of art!

Design: Wolf Woof

5. Less Maintenance

Contrary to popular myths, open shelves when executed right will not need a lot of maintenance from you. This is because when frequently accessed items as used, they will not gather dust since they are regularly used and cleaned. 

Image: Amber interior design

6. Airy with Plenty of Ventilation!

Unlike enclosed cabinets and pull out drawers, items stored on the open shelves will not face the problem with humidity and mildew since there is plenty of ventilation!

Design: Urban Habitat Design


5 Reasons Why You Should NOT…

1. Greater Pressure to Stay Immaculate!

Naturally, there is an inherent pressure to stay immaculate and tidy when the items on display are subject to scrutiny by your guests. Aside from this, here is another practical reason to ensure that clutter does not set in; rows of open shelves will jeopardize your painstakingly chosen home design! 

Image from  Lark and linen

2. Dust Magnet

When open shelves are used with items which are rarely used or as a display for decorative ornaments, these pieces will attract dust and therefore they will need regular maintenance. This means that you have to keep to a regular routine to upkeep them in order to keep them dust free. 

Design: Willis Design

3. Child or Pet Unfriendly

When there are young kids or pets around, you have to be extra careful that the fragile and breakable items are not within their reach.

Design:Three-D Conceptwerke

4. Plenty of Storage is Required

Closed cabinets and drawers are still the best choices when it comes to storing of plenty of things. Furthermore, enclosed storage will help you to achieve that the sleek and neat look more effortlessly.

Image from Nicole Franzen

5. Not a Minimalist

Unless you lead a pure minimalist lifestyle, achieving a minimal look with neat open shelves is usually a near mission impossible in the long run.

Design: Uno Interior

Our Verdict?


Having a good mixture of open shelves, enclosed cabinets and drawers are still the most practical versatile choice!

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