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The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist – Putting Things in Perspective

Now that you have gone through the first level of planning (see The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist – Getting it Together), let us proceed with putting the whole bathroom renovation components together.


  1. Get the actual measurements. Any renovation contractor can tell you that getting the measurements of a bathroom is not as easy as it seems. Why, you ask? It is because when taking bathroom measurements, you do not just consider the electricity port or the sockets. When taking bathroom measurements for your renovation, do note the location of existing plumping pipes, the electrical wiring and sockets, if any and the dimensions of the bathroom fixtures used. Make sure that you jot down and get the accurate measurement when you start purchasing the items.
  2. Take the renovation contractor’s advice. Yes, finding a very good and reliable bathroom renovation contractor is essential and it is for this very reason that you should pay heed to their advice. Given that a bathroom renovation is a rather complex job which does not fare well in the hands of a newbie, listen to the renovation contractor you hired and save yourself the time.
  3. Getting the suitable plumbing fixtures and features. First of all, make a proper bathroom fixtures list and be very thorough with it. Some of the items you should note are shower, bathtub, toilet, bidet, sink, faucets, heater, mirrors, doors, door handles, shower curtain and shower heads. After which, decide on a cohesive theme. Do not use different design motifs for different fixtures or your bathroom will end up looking like a bathroom renovation wreck.
  4. Find out if you need cabinets, storage and shelving. Do you need cabinets, storage and shelves for your bathroom? If so, how many and where will you place them?
  5. The tiles. Usually bathroom walls and floors are made up of tiles. They are easier to clean. Find a durable type and a great design.

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