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The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist – Getting it Together

This is going to be one very long, exhaustive three-part article that will hopefully, in the end, give you a comprehensive idea on how to do your bathroom renovation right. Before you go and jump into the latest bathroom renovation trend that you see in a magazine or read on some random website, make sure you do the planning and preparation right. This will help you stay on track as you go ahead with your renovation feat.


  1. Consider your budget. If you live alone, then awesome, you can consult yourself. If you live with someone else (say, your wife), then you need to brainstorm about how much you will be willing to shell out for your bathroom renovation. After you have deliberated over the actual figure you would want to spend, you will have a clearer idea on how you want to spend and allocate the budget on.
  2. Timeline is a key element. How long do you want this bathroom renovation to go on? Bathroom renovation do not just take days, they take weeks. Normally, it depends upon the items that you are changing up in your bathroom. Time planning will also refer to the time you need to buy certain fixtures for your bathroom. Do you need to purchase the new toilets now? Or should you purchase the tiles first?
  3. Proper work sequence planning. Make sure that you discuss with your renovation contractor the sequence by which your bathroom will be taken apart and renovated.
  4. Identifying all the hidden problems and fixtures that need to be replaced. Before you start with your full bathroom renovation, get your renovation contractor to do a full assessment of what needs to be replaced in your bathroom. Watch for hidden problems as they may incur costs.
  5. Plan your bathroom design. After deciding on the functionality aspect, plan your bathroom design. Do you want it feminine and light? Or do you prefer cosy and dark?

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