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The Art of Utilising Space

Decorating, reorganizing and furnishing your home starts with space. Before deciding on the decors and furnishings, home owners should first find out how much space is at their disposal. If the space is large enough, then the home owners can pretty much do whatever they want with the area. However, in some cases, walls are knocked down to create larger, usable rooms. In others, wall to ceiling mirrors are utilised in nearly available wall to maximise lighting and create the illusion of a bigger space.

Odd corners can be used as a storage area or as an alcove for display purposes instead of being written off as dead space. Support beams at the centre of the room can be enhanced into a centerpiece instead of treating it as an eyesore.

Once the floor area and workable space is determined, the home owners can then decide on how to furnish and decorate their home. Dark colours may make an area seem smaller, yet they also create a cosy ambience. Accent walls, which are walls with a different colour from the rest of the room, add a dash of flair to an area. Fancy cornices, chandeliers and lamps look marvelous on their own, but you have to take into consideration if it will fit into the overall concept of your home and if it will be suitable for the lifestyle needs of your family.

Some home owners prefer sleek, posh and futuristic furniture. However, futuristic furniture are often made with sharp edges and very streamlined. If you have toddlers, this may not prove to be the best option. Heirloom pieces are splendid, but not if it will turn your home into an uncomfortable place where you would have to tiptoe around so as not to break anything worth a fortune.

Furnishing and decorating can be fun, but it can also be stressful. At the end of the day, it would be less tedious to hire professionals to help ease the process. There are a lot of firms with various styles and impressive portfolios that can make furnishing your space a lot less overwhelming for you. They have a good eye and can make the most out of your existing space while designing your home to cater specifically to your lifestyle.

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