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The 4 Factors of Feng Shui

Much like a doctor, no one really wants to see a Feng Shui consultant or do up his home or office Feng Shui if one’s not really sick or feeling the symptoms of having an illness.

But ask someone who understands the value of good health and you’d know that this isn’t the mindset they’d have. To have good health and vitality, they make it a point to see a doctor on a consistent basis even during times which they are perfectly healthy. Prevention is always better than cure they say. Yearly checkups, examinations and close monitoring are the drills. If you think wellness is expensive, you haven’t seen illness.

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The same principle applies to Feng Shui. You’d want to see them or at least, do it yourself properly during times which are good and not when you’re drowning with problems or plagues with nagging issues. Left alone, these could add up and leave you exhausted from just dealing with them later on.

An important part of Feng Shui consultants’ job is really to ensure the residents are able to tap into the natural Qi that permeates from the surroundings of the property. A common fallacy is that they don’t do a great job in explaining why things have to be the way they are or they end up selling you some made-made objects to decorate or put around your property.

So, in case you’re planning to DIY your Feng Shui or get some professional help, here’re the 4 Factors which you have to consider, study or customize your Feng Shui to.

Each property is different for different people. No one property is the same for all. A property can have great Feng Shui attributes but it doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. Even in the same house, a different sector or room is good for different activities or people. To understand this fully, look up on your BaZi analysis to get a better picture.

Feng Shui is cyclical and non-linear. All Chinese Metaphysics including Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia or Astrology are based on time. That means, if a home or sector is auspicious right now, it doesn’t mean it will be auspicious for life. Practitioners look into the annual as well as period cycles to map out the flow of energy.

Think of the building as a container or circulator of Qi. The way it captures and redistribute Qi is important to ensure the people living or using the space can benefit from the Qi that permeates from the external environment. At the same time, you’d also want a building not to have missing sectors or at least, be able to contain Sha Qi (negative energy) so that it doesn’t affect the dwellers.

All Qi comes from the natural environment. Other than mountain formations or water sources (rivers, lakes and to some extent large drains), take note of large structures and the contours of the land surrounding your property. The skilled practitioner will help position your property to benefit from this or in some cases, evade negative Sha Qi.

Now, that’s the four factors that we should start off with when applying Feng Shui. Learn more about how you can apply Feng Shui immediately with our step-by-step instructions in this Feng Shui Guide.


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