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Ten Interior Design Ideas for Small Kitchens



Most Singaporeans do not have grand kitchen spaces. So the problem when it comes to interior design really is not on how to make the kitchen more grandiose. Rather, it is about which kitchen furnishing can fit and where. Often times, interior designers look at three major areas in order to create an efficient design for a small kitchen: storage spaces, maximising lighting and compact appliances. Here, we have compiled ten interior design ideas for your small kitchen:

  • Choose compact and easy to clean appliances. Over the years, many appliance manufacturers have chosen more compact and space saving kitchen appliances. Microwaves, refrigerators and ovens have become more compact and streamlined.
  • The centre of your kitchen can be of use. Primarily, the kitchen should have enough space for the homeowners to move around. If there is a bit of spare area in the centre of the kitchen, you can create an island which can be utilised as storage and preparation area.
  • Hang your pots and pans in the open. Instead of cramming all your pots and pans in a cabinet, you can hang them up in a pot rack. This is a great interior design idea as this adds charm and character to your kitchen while freeing up storage space.
  • Taking the galley kitchen route. Lining up the cabinets and appliances on one side of your kitchen is a great space saver
  • Use lighting to its full advantage. One worn out interior design trick is to maximise lighting to create an illusion of space. Use lighting under cabinets, under counters or better yet, get rid of curtains and let the sunlight stream through your large windows.
  • Storage spaces. Use cabinets and counters that will store more appliances and goods.
  • Flooring Illusion. Diagonal floor tiles give the kitchen a longer, larger illusion.
  • Breakfast nooks. A small table and a couple of chairs tucked in one corner can be perfect for couples or bachelors. You don’t really need a large kitchen table and an array of chairs.
  • Reduce clutter. Use shelves for your plates and utensils.
  • Windows make a difference. A large window can change a room. Large windows will give your small kitchen an airier, cosy feel.

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