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Tempur: Do you wanna be a Sleeping Beauty?

I have in my hand, a sample of the material that makes up the TEMPUR® Climate Material™ mattress, and I’m squishing it for all that it’s worth. The good news, my dear readers, is that no matter how I squeeze it, it still returns to its original shape. The bad news is…well, there ain’t any bad news.


This can mean only one thing: the new TEMPUR® Breeze collection, like its other innovations, provides pressure-relieving qualities that contour to the shape of your body and delivers a perfect balance of total comfort as well as superior support. It also comes with a unique cover created to wick away (a general term used for fabrics that are engineered to pull moisture away from the skin through capillary action and increased evaporation over a wider surface area. By promoting airflow, the Breeze technology helps to increase the feeling of freshness and comfort—so no more tossing and turning!


The TEMPUR® Breeze collection comes in 3 models: Original, Cloud and Sensation.

Original – for a firmer supportive feel
Cloud – for a softer supportive feel
Sensation – for a traditional feel with easy movement

Their respective prices are as below, but do make a trip to one of TEMPUR®‘s showrooms or retail stores to feel the mattress for yourself! Don’t forget to try out the Zero-G Adjustable Bed Base too, because it has a whole range of features to suit individual posture preferences. =)


Original/Cloud/Sensation Breeze 22cm:

Single $3,599.00
Super Single $4,499.00
Queen $5,899.00
King $6,599.00


Original/Cloud/Sensation Breeze 27cm:

Queen $6,999.00
King-200 $7,899.00

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