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Take the Cue from the Hue Experts- AkzoNobel’s 5 Colour Trends for 2015

The new year is upon us and to welcome the Lunar New Year, many gleefully furnish their homes with CNY decorations in auspicious colours. In the same vein, homeowners often like to update their homes with colours that are spot on trend to embrace the coming year. We think a brand new year is reason enough to add fresh splashes of colour to our lives, don’t you agree?

Now that we know copper orange is Dulux’s chosen hue for Colour of The Year 2015, the next step is to find out how to incorporate it into our decor. The best way is of course, to hear it from the experts:

“2015 brings an added bonus: putting the + into the everyday. … The overriding idea for 2015 is that people are finding new ways to add colour to their lives and developing a warmer and more caring environment for all.” – AkzoNobel ColourFutures™


Big Nature + Small Me

Loving the rich earthy tones of Mother Nature? Envelop yourself in nature’s comforting embrace without the dirt and pesky insects by choosing from warm, muted colour schemes. Having colours such as sepia, sienna, ochre and baked clay in your living space helps you feel grounded and at peace, while you draw energy from the strength of nature’s forces.



Layer + Layer

We are all complex creatures. Sometimes single blocks of colour just don’t cut it; we need colour clusters in gradients and tones to fully express the different facets of ourselves and our lives. This trend uses predominantly soft pastel hues through fading, overlaying and varying of opacity to bring out that complexity and multidimensionality.



+ Unseen Spaces

Be it big or small, all homes have one thing in common: unused spaces tucked in nooks and crannies. These odd areas are often seen as unelegant, but with space as a precious resource, homeowners are turning to clever tricks to maximise any available space they have. Use a sophisticated colour palette to elevate these usually neglected spaces with blue grey, khaki, neutral pink and white.



Him + Her

In a colour palette that celebrates both the distinctiveness and complementarity of the masculine and the feminine, damson, powder pink and cream are paired together with khaki, slate grey and teal. A modern take on the concept of yin and yang, these traditionally feminine and masculine hues play together to create a blend of understated glam.



Friendly Barter +

Inspired by the collaborative spirit that has surfaced amidst the social media revolution, colours that create a sense of warmth and community take centrestage here. Unexpected alliances parlay into the realm of interior design in the form of out-of-the-box colour combinations. Be bold and experiment. For instance, berry-toned pinks add softness when paired with lime and orange, but create a feeling of exuberance to ochre, rich brown and warm grey.



Are you totally inspired? Brimming with ideas and raring to go? That’s exactly what we want you to take away from this post. I myself can’t wait to go shopping for copper orange accents. Have fun!


Image Contributions by Dulux

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