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11 Superb Design Ideas For Small Interiors

Statistics and facts will tell you that the average flat size in Singapore has been and is continually shrinking with time. Based on some calculations and analysis, ever since the supply of 2-Room flats started increasing since mid-2013 (such that singles could afford a small place of their own), the overall sizes of flats have been dropping. Sure, the buildings are growing in height, but that’s not something homeowners are able to leverage on. But hey, chin up! Not everybody gets to enjoy the luxury of space but space planning is definitely something we all can work on. This post will show you that you can still afford pretty designs despite the limited space.


Living Room



1. Not every living room has a squarish shape. Some have rather small and narrow layouts like this. Because of the simple colours being employed here (note how white is the dominant colour), the abode looks more spacious as a result. As seen here, you don’t have to compromise the size of the sofa (or any other element for that matter) if you don’t want to. Other elements can be toned down such as the television or even the console. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you like.

Interior Designer: Dap Atelier
Location: Haig Road



2. It’s important to know the available options there are in the market so you can make a better choice in terms of the design of your home. Don’t want a huge television taking up so much wall space? No problem. Projectors are becoming an increasingly popular alternative nowadays. Yes, you can actually do away with a TV altogether.

Interior Designer: The 80’s Studio
Location: Waterway Woodcress





3. Go for elongated toilet seats like the one seen here. They can save you space and might even fit the design of your bathroom better because of their shape.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: 82 Strathmore Ave


4. While most people would reject the idea of having a bathtub in a cramped bathroom, it actually isn’t as bad as you think. If built in nicely, it can prove to be quite a design.

Interior Designer: AD. I. WRKS
Location: The Anchorage





5. Let the walls be your guide. If possible, build everything in — storage cabinets, ovens, even the refrigerator.

Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image
Location: Tampines Street 22



6. Wet and dry segregation within the kitchen is still possible, no matter how little space you’re dealing with. One small divider can make a pretty great difference.

Interior Designer: Next Door ID
Location: Sunshine Gardens



7. There is a lot you can fit in one space and this kitchen proves it with not just one but two ovens accommodated. The bar table can also double up as a dining area. This design is especially suitable for singles or couples.

Interior Designer: Three-d Conceptwerke
Location: Toa Payoh Lorong 4

Dining Room



8. Bar counters or islands are key when it comes to the management of small spaces. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as a preparation area for cooking, a dining area, or simply just a place where a few friends can get together for a drink or two.

Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Vertis



9. If you don’t mind not having a grand dining table, a simple setup like this would save you a ton of space. You can go even further by having the benches built in and also choosing benches with additional storage capacities.

Interior Designer: Earth Interior Design
Location: Terrasse



10. Keep an open mind when it comes to design and you’ll realise there are many ways to go about doing things. If there isn’t enough space in your kitchen to fit the refrigerator you have in mind, how about displaying it stylishly like this? With a few touches and appropriate lighting, you can make it look like the star of the show.

Interior Designer: i-Chapter
Location: Blk 310C Punggol Way



11. Materials are an important factor to take into consideration as well. Mahogany or other types of wood are majestic but would look too huge and bulky in a small interior. Glass, on the other hand, makes a space look less cluttered.

Interior Designer: iPoise Interior Design
Location: Edgedale

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