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12 Super Sneaky Secret Doorways in Singapore Homes To Get Lost In

If you’ve always wanted your home to feel like a fantasy movie, installing a hidden or concealed doorway is one way to guarantee it. But these “invisible” features can be more practical than that: they are useful for hiding unsightly entrances derived from problematic layouts and they can help to create a seamless home without marring your perfect interior design. Here are some instances of how to do it in style:

1. Swathed in the same textured laminates as the TV feature wall, the secret entrance is otherwise inconspicuous—save for a slight indent—and appears as one with the wall. It swings open to reveal the bedroom in this studio apartment.

Design: Elements ID


2. To keep things looking sleek, this fluted TV wall hides the entrance into the kitchen.

Design: Authors Interior & Styling


3. A full-length rotating TV panel functions as a secret doorway, while allowing the occupants to enjoy the TV from both the living room and bedroom without having to sacrifice extra square footage. The fact that the woodgrain laminates extend all the way to the ceiling helps to mask the doorway even better.

Design: ArtMuse Interior


4. Here, another TV panel swings open to reveal the entrance into the bomb shelter.

Design: Space Factor


5. The sliding door entrance into the home office is invisible when viewed from the kitchen. The only telling sign? The small silver orb of the privacy latch.

Design: Elements ID


6. From the kitchen, all you see is a display shelf of glass wares. But slide it open and it reveals the doorway into the household shelter.


Design: Fineline Design


7. What appears like a Zen-inspired feature wall in this monochrome-themed bedroom is, in fact, the doorway into the master en suite.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio


8. Look hard and you’ll see the hidden entrance in this walkway. The corridor of this HDB flat is covered in a black-and-white cityscape wallpaper print, effectively concealing the doorway into the bomb shelter.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design


9. If you’ve ever read historical mysteries, a lot of hidden passages are located behind bookshelves. This secret doorway is no different. Hidden behind a bookcase/display shelf, it opens up to one of the bedrooms in this condominium.

Design: Edge Interior


10. The sliding door looks just like a part of the bookshelf, until you slide it open to reveal an entranceway.

Design: Fuse Concept


11. Are they closet doors or the entrance into the bathroom? The doors to the en suite were made to look like the doors of the wardrobe, creating a clean, seamless design in this bedroom. The minimalist handles are a nice touch and add an extra design detail to the space.

Design: Space Atelier


12. The bathroom opening along the corridor is concealed behind a wall panel.

Design: Poetus


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