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7 Super Hardworking Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Get Inspired By

A must-have for every kitchen, the kitchen pantry is a flexible superstar that provides a catchall for everything from your everyday appliances and wares to your dried herbs and canned foods. Ranging from stylish tall-boy units to space-saving corner shelves, here are some of our favourite kitchen pantries we found in Singapore homes.

1. Walk-in Pantry

Here is one for those with ample space within their kitchen. An area by the corner was set aside for a walk-in kitchen pantry. The insides were lined only with open shelves so that everything can be displayed out for ease of access. No forgotten box of cereal will be happening here.

Image courtesy of The Orange Cube

2. Get Outside

If you want a walk-in pantry, but don’t have the room for it in your cooking space, consider moving your kitchen pantry outside. This one sits just outside the kitchen and is created with different sized shelf compartments to accommodate things of different heights. We like that this built-in isn’t just used as a pantry, it also doubles as living room storage on the other side.

Image courtesy of Design 4 Space

3. Pull-Out Perfection

Tall and lean yet full of depth, this pull-out pantry was designed to maximise storage without taking a whole lot of square footage. It is a perfect solution for small kitchens. The pull-out function also means you won’t have to spend a lot of time digging around your cabinet to find what you need.

Image courtesy of The Local Inn.terior

4. By the Corner

Things can get awkward fast with corner kitchen cabinets. Not only are they dark and hard to access, they also tend to be difficult to design and build. Here’s the solution: turn it into a mini walk-in pantry so you can just walk in to reach for what you need.

Image courtesy of Lemonfridge Studio

5. Country Roads

To keep things organised, store all your pantry staples in containers of a similar design. This kitchen pantry located on the uppers of this country themed kitchen features the essentials stored in clearly labelled enamel tins, adhering to the rustic farmhouse vibe of the space.

Image courtesy of Country Concept

6. Pocket Full

This hardworking kitchen pantry is located in the dry kitchen area. The coffee machine hides behind the cabinet pocket door, which appears just like an ordinary cabinet front when closed. But when opened, it can slide into itself, ensuring no bump elbows even in a narrow space.

Image courtesy of Icon Interior Design

7. Don’t Go All Fancy

Sometimes, all you need is a series of wooden ledges on an empty wall to create a kitchen pantry. Not only is this not expensive to do, it is also incredibly easy to DIY yourself. Place wider gaps between the shelves if you’re accommodating taller appliances.

Image courtesy of Dream Creations Interior


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