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Sunny Summer Interior Design Ideas for Singapore Homes

Bright summer colours are perfect for Singapore homes interior design. Whether you own a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat, condo unit, or landed property, it definitely will work well with the humid Singapore weather. Making your home into a ray of sunshine is easy if you know how. Do not overload on yellow as it is not the only colour that can brighten up a home though. Here are some tips to bring summer into your home.


  • Repeated use of a colour
    Choose vibrant colours and repeat them many times inside your home. This will make your colour choice look more purposeful and then stand out. For example, use a vibrant robin’s egg blue on your living room, kitchen and dining room. If you do this, you should keep most of your small and large furniture neutral in colour. That is how you balance your home’s interior design. Pink and yellow are the in demand colours now. They are feminine and light on the eyes.
  • Go crazy with bright whites
    Fresh, easy on the eyes and pleasant – that is what white brings. You do not have to restrict yourself to whites though. You can also choose neutral shades if you want too. Eggshell white, bone, or pearl white – you have a lot to choose from. Also use white on your throw pillows, curtains, sheets and towels to emphasise the freshness and cleanness of your space.
  • Add classic, attractive rugs
    Rugs do make a difference. Like carpets, the fabric and hue will make a total difference to your interior design. Choose lighter fabrics for your home. Sisal rugs are very popular nowadays and they are not even expensive. You can buy sisal rugs in most department stores or specialty shops.

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