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10 Subscription Boxes to Level Up Your Home Experience

With everyone nesting a little more, there is no better time to sign up with subscription boxes that promise to level up your everyday experience at home. From weekly fresh loaves to monthly home aromatherapy, here are some of the best subscription boxes that will make home your favourite place to be.

1. For Fresh Flowers

What: Fresh flower arrangements delivered on a weekly basis
How much: From $39.90 (excluding tax) per week

Nothing like fresh flowers, in all their natural beauty, to lend an immediate lift to your home. If you are looking to refresh your home every week, sign on a floral subscription service with Fresh Blooms. Choose between the Classic or Grand box; the former offers floral arrangements using perennial favourites like roses and gerberas while the latter features premium blooms like calla lilies and peonies.

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2. For Wine or Sake Indulgence

What: Get two different bottles of wine or sake sent to your home every month
How much: From $88 per month

Whether you love pairing your home-cooked meals with wine or are just looking to wind down the week with a cup of sake, Wala Club’s wine and sake subscription plans make it easy for you to do so. The beauty of signing up for one is that you don’t have to be an oenophile or a know-it-all. Each month, the folks curates two bottles for you, with wines from countries like Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and Spain and sake from Japan. Their flexible plan comes with a free wine chiller and lets you have the freedom in choosing the country your wine came from.

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3. For Organic Fruits and Vegetables

What: Receive bags of fresh and organic produce every week
How much: From $268 per month

Whipping up fresh meals at home and living a life of wellness have never been easier, thanks to the subscription boxes offered by ShiokFarm. Depending on how much produce you wish to receive, bags of fresh produce sourced from local farms and organic wholesalers will be sent right to your doorstep on a weekly basis for six months each time. Their standard 5 kg bag has enough fruits and vegetables for two adults and two children. They also have a 3 kg premium bag that offers more atas produce such as the likes of artichoke, kale, cherries and mangosteen.

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4. For a Spa Session

What: Each month, receive two full-sized bottles of body care or home aromatherapy products
How much: $80 per month

Get ready for a relaxing spa session right in the comfort of your home by signing up for this subscription box by Mandy T. This home-grown brand is known for their green bath and body care products that are gentle for the environment and your skin. Expect to get luscious body creams, scrubs or bar soaps made from ingredients like barley, chamomile and geranium, and home aroma salts with uplifting scents of fresh coffee beans and coconut. Each commitment is for three months.

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5. For Coffee

What: Get sent to two unique bags of coffee beans curated by the roasters from PPP Coffee
How much: $48 per month

Better known by their former name Papa Palheta, PPP Coffee has introduced a coffee subscription perfect for the java aficionados who don’t like settling for their regular cup of jo’. With this subscription box, you receive two unique bags of coffee beans (250g each) every month you subscribe. The beans are 100 percent Arabica specialty grade coffees sourced from different regions in the world—Africa, Asia and Latin America, and will be roasted and sent out on the 15th of every month.

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6. For Fresh Seafood

What: Get delivered sustainably farmed fresh seafood every month
How much: Mixed Seafood starts from $80 per month

Sustainable food isn’t just food that is healthier for us. It also comes from places where labour practices are humane and fair and is produced in ways that take into account the impact on the environment. If you are looking to eat more sustainably, consider getting a fresh seafood subscription box offered by OnHand Agrarian. Make things more interesting in the kitchen with their Mixed Seafood box, which is a mix bag of mussels, clams, prawns, flower crabs, steak cuts of common fish and a seasonal seafood. Otherwise, opt for their more specialised boxes like the Prawn Pouch / Crab Crate or the Bivalve Box.

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7. For Vinyl Records

What: Get an exclusive record delivered to your doorstep every month
How much: US$25 per month (excluding shipping)

Whether you’ve been recently introduced to this old-school medium of listening music or you’ve been a collector of vinyl records for a long time, you will love this subscription box by US-based start-up Vinyl Me, Please. They offer three tracks for you to choose from: Classic (Soul, Blues and Jazz), Essentials (across a wide range of genres and eras like indie rock, folk and country) and Rap & Hip Hop. Besides a record, you will also get to receive other extras depending on the track you choose. For instance, Essentials will also get you a collectible art print and a cocktail recipe each month. Change tracks whenever and swap out records for one in the archives if you don’t like the record for the month.

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8. For Fresh Loaves and Pastries

What: Get sent freshly baked loaves and pastries every month
How much: From $20 per month

Wake up to freshly baked loaves and pastries from local café Bread Yard to make mornings that much easier. The great thing about their subscription boxes is that you get to select the type of loaves and pastries you want so there won’t be any unwanted surprises. Pick from any array of choices: sourdoughs, Japanese style breads, baguettes and bagels, cruffins, croissants and cinnamon buns. Each subscription is on a 2-month basis, and you get to change up your selections every month.

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9. For Leisure Reads

What: Get up to 30 books delivered to your home
How much: From $42

Now that you’ve got your sustenance, here’s some brain food for you. Home-grown bookstore BooksActually has a one-time book subscription box that sends you up to 30 books, one for each day of the month! If the collections at the bookstore are anything to go by, expect anything from local favourites and poetry to historical fiction and award-winning titles–all to set you thinking and make you more widely read.

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10. For Delicious Nut Butters

What: Get freshly crafted nut butters sent to you weekly (or fortnightly) to make breakfast more varied
How much: $72 (for a total of 5 jars

Tired of eating the same old peanut butter? Get invested in a healthy nut butter subscription by Renew, which specialises in handmade healthy snacks. The plan gets you a total of five freshly made, 180 g jars of nut butters over 5 weeks or 10 weeks, depending on whether you go with the weekly or fortnightly plan. Taste flavours like lavender pistachio, white earl grey cashew and rosemary almond. Top them on your overnight oats, spread it on artisanal loaves or just eat them straight from the jar.

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