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13 stylishly savvy design ideas for Fern Grove@Yishun

Working around small spaces isn’t always the easiest; after all, it’s not just making sure your space has everything you need, it’s also about making it beautiful too. But if you bear in mind a few design tips and tricks, it is possible to have a petite home that is large on taste. While the square footage hasn’t increase, you can maximise what you have or give the illusion of having more.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few layout suggestions you can have at Fern Grove@Yishun. The units at this Yishun BTO aren’t big, just like any other BTO, which is why we’ve incorporated a few ideas for you to “create” a bigger space.

Enhance the space of your petite living room with a large floor mirror if you don’t want to knock down any walls. Have it lean casually against a side of the wall to create visual interest in the space, while adding depth to the room. It’s a bonus if it faces the windows with a good view, as it can reflect the scenery outside.

Interior designer: Versaform


Small bedroom? No problem. Do up a bed platform that doubles as storage space. Create an additional ledge near the window to display your accessories.

Go for a customised, full-length wardrobe that reaches all the way to the ceiling so you can take full advantage of the space that you have.

Interior designer: DISTINCTidENTITY


If you’re short on space, there’s always the option of carving out a study nook next to your wardrobe in the bedroom. If you wish to make the area stand out a bit more, use a different colour to make it distinctive. Here, woodgrain laminates were chosen for the work station. The darker shade contrasts against the white, adding more visual depth.

Interior designer: The Scientist


Maximise a long and narrow space by combining the living and dining areas in an open-plan layout. Keep your furnishings to one side of the wall, leaving the other side of the wall for foot traffic.

Go for furniture with thin legs and open shelvings to allow the space to breathe visually.

If you’re not a fan of open kitchens or tend to do heavy cooking at home, you might want to opt for sliding doors rather than conventional hinged doors, which require more space when opening them.

Interior designer: Three-D Conceptwerke


A bath tub isn’t impossible in a small bathroom if you play it right. Keep things chic and simple with a monochrome colour scheme, but you can make it more interesting with tiny hexagon tiles for the flooring.

Interior designer: Sky Creation Asia


Don’t have room for a proper dining table? Have a high bar table instead that doubles as extra kitchen prep counter on the other side.

Split the wet and dry areas of the kitchen if you want to make more efficient use of the space. The glass doors in between keep the fumes within the cooking zone, while allowing you to have an open dry kitchen that helps to make the space appear less cramped. Plus, you can make use of this space for bulky items like the refrigerator, freeing up room in the main kitchen.

Interior designer: Lux Design


If you don’t need too many rooms in the home, consider converting an entire space into a walk-in wardrobe cum home office. A sliding door helps to keep the bedroom connected with the space, while allowing privacy when needed.

Interior designer: I3 Living Design


Joining the dining table with your kitchen island is a great space-saving idea. It can serve as an extended eating area, or an extended prep counter. And it makes serving meals that much more efficient! For a more seamless look, have both surfaces in the same colour and material.

Interior designer: The Orange Cube


Bi-folding doors are a great way to make rooms more fluid at home. When opened fully, they turn into one large room. They serve as a room divider when closed. Or you can keep them semi-open if you want just a little bit of privacy.

Interior designer: In Interior Design


For casual meals, a breakfast bar is a good option. Have it located just outside your kitchen to act as divider between your cooking zone and the rest of your home. The cluster of rope pendant lights hanging from above gives visual interest to the space, standing out amidst the more contemporary furnishings.

Interior designer: The Scientist


There is no better way to mark out an area than with a platform. Here, the dining and living areas are raised above ground to add design flair. But the same light wood tones as seen on the console were adopted for the platform to give a more coherent look that helps to tie things together.

To contrast the two zones, the dining area adopted a white colour palette while a dark grey was chosen for the sofa in the living room.

Interior designer: Ehka Studio


Instead of plonking a TV console in a narrow combined living and dining space, incorporate a false wall to mount the TV and carve out a recess for your other media units. This helps to keep things neat while helping free space up for walking.

A sliding door that leads into the rest of the home doubles as a feature wall. Covered in warm, woodgrain laminated strips, it helps to soften the look in this communal space that is dominated by greys.

Interior designer: Free Space Intent


Rather than a full wall to divide up the spaces in this bedroom, use a custom-built work station to separate the walk-in wardrobe from the bed. This helps to open up the space considerably and can allow you to have a bigger than usual working area.

Interior designer: The 80’s Studio


Are you curious about the progress of a certain BTO? Anxious to find out what yours looks like right now? You can try to locate yours in this list.

Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Floor plans from HDB.

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