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A stylish, space-saving water heater that will fit in seamlessly

Water heaters are a necessity, but let’s face it, they aren’t the prettiest of appliances for the home, often marring months of hard work spent crafting the perfect Scandinavian look or industrial-themed space.

Fortunately, Italian water heating brand Ariston has come up with a storage water heater that is sleek and elegant. A slender, continuous form defines the Ariston Andris Slim 20 (SL20) with soft curved edges, providing an almost sensuous feel to it. What this means for you is that you don’t have to find means to conceal the device because the stylish design blends in anywhere.

Perfect fit for small homes

But it’s not just a pretty face. The 20-litre SL20 is also petite so homeowners living in tight spaces can benefit from its elegance too. According to Ariston, the water heater was specially designed to fit the small bathrooms in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats or condominiums, so whether you have a two-room BTO or a four-room condo, you can be assured that the SL20 will fit in perfectly.

It’s flexible too: choose to align the device wherever you want—next to your shower stall, above your vanity top or even outside the bathroom.

Easy to use

The SL20 takes about 20 minutes to heat up a full tank. It comes with a knob in the centre that lets you regulate the temperature of the water to suit your needs, while a blue indicator on its facade tells you when the water is at shower-ready temperature, helping you take out the guesswork of showering.

Safety first

Choosing a water heater that is safe to use is also really important—no one wants a ticking time bomb in their home! On that front, the SL20 meets the world’s strictest quality and safety standards including the International Electrotechnical Commission and Singapore Standards. It is also certified by most safety organisations in the world.

Encased in a hardwearing titanium-enamel tank, the SL20 also uses a copper heating element that has an anti-microbial effect, ensuring a more hygienic water output.

The Ariston Andris Slim 20 is retailing for $329, and is available at authorised dealers. For more information, visit

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