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9 Stylish Built-in Dining Ideas for Small Spaces

Struggling with a small space? A proper dining area might seem too much of an indulgence, especially if you only use it a couple of times a week for sit-down meals. Consider going with built-in dining to minimise floor estate and maximise the area. Some of these ideas also allow you to incorporate extra storage, while others turn your eating space into a more multifunctional one. The best part though? They are all supremely stylish.

1. Resort Living

With the use of natural materials, the beadboard details and the copious amount of cushions, this beautiful built-in dining nook offers up a relaxing Mediterranean vibe to the home. It seats up to eight, thanks to the use of customised wall benches, where the cushions can be lifted up for extra

Design: The Local Inn.terior

2. Curvy Ideals

Curves are all the rage this year, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t go all out with a curved built-in dining area like in this flat. With a curved dining bench and a complementary upholstered backing made from lush maroon velvet and featuring arches, the dining area was intended to mitigate against the effects of the odd-shaped floor plan while also lending an inviting feel to the space.

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

3. Pop-up Station

Instead of going for a regular dining setup, this bachelor’s flat conceals its dining area within the raised platform in the living room. With the table raised, there is ample legroom underneath to sit comfortably. It can be pushed back into the platform after meals, turning the space into a hangout spot perfect for entertaining friends.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design

4. Cosy Corner

Part of the living room wall was set aside for this built-in dining, which sees L-shaped banquette seating and plenty of storage. Instead of feeling boxed in, the space feels light and airy, thanks to the clear glass panel dividing the wall between the dining area and kitchen.

Design: Sync Interior

5. Book In

Framed by a series of bookshelves, this built-in dining feels more like a library than an eating space. It’s also the perfect excuse to use books as décor (tip: organise your collection by colour). The space can double up as a study, offering a stylish work-from-home setup that will definitely get productivity levels up.

Design: Starry Homestead

6. Home Sweet Home

To allow the Scandinavian style home to stand out from the sea of Nordic-inspired interiors in Singapore, the designer did up an unconventional house-shaped dining nook. The quirky detail, coupled with the lush green walls, presented the built-in dining area as a focal point for the home.

Design: Wolf Woof

7. Ahead of the Curve

Part of the kitchen counter was carved out to allow for a dining area. A curved one with a round dining table allowed room for more and provided a gentler integration with the kitchen counter. Pale yellow upholstery lends a subtle visual shift, while the thin lines draw length upwards.

Design: 7 Interior Architecture

8. Extension Line

The slim dining table doesn’t take up much room, but what’s really impressive is that it can be tucked away neatly back into the built-in storage once dinnertime is over. Underneath the customised dining bench are a couple of ottomans that can be pulled out when the homeowners have guests over for meals.

Design: Starry Homestead

9. Pantry Staple

Rather than create separate entities for the dining area and the pantry in this BTO flat, the designer decided to join together both areas to maximise tabletop space while allowing for nifty features like power points by the side—steamboat? No problem!

Design: Icon Interior Design


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