12 Storage Ideas that Don’t Look Like Storage

  • May 25, 2020

From secret compartments to solutions that double as décor, up your storage game with these clever storage ideas.

1. Glass Display

Part of the bedroom wall was hacked away and replaced with clear glass cabinets, all the better to showcase the owner’s massive collection of toy figurines. Seen also from the living room, this storage idea turns into the focal point of this home. Design: D5 Studio Image

2. Headboard Feature

Is it storage or is it a feature wall? Combining open shelves and closed cupboards, this custom headboard holds plenty whilst giving this bedroom a feature wall with its grid line design. Design: Lekker Design

3. Pull-Out Shoe Storage

Instead of going for a separate shoe storage, the TV wall in this living room conceals a pull-out compartment to keep shoes. Not only does this provide a neater design, it also led to ample storage space. [gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="115895,115894"] Design: ROOOT Studio

4. Bedroom Shelving

The compartments behind the bed hold a number of bedroom essentials, while doubling as nightstands to free up excess furniture in the small bedroom. Design: Authors ID

5. Divider Display

This glass display cabinet is not only a beautiful storage piece, it also acts as a divider and privacy screen between the living room and the home office. Thanks to the clear glass, daylight can still pass through the different spaces. Design: Schemacraft Interiors

6. Shallow Shoe Cabinet

Because there wasn’t enough room for a deeper shoe cabinet, the designer changed up the inner compartments to accommodate the homeowner's footwear, inadvertently creating a design feature with the sloped shelves. Design: Fineline Design

7. Wardrobe Feature

Clad in marble laminates with large knobs swathed in a contrasting black marble print, this full-height wardrobe is a luxury feature wall in its own right. But it also stores clothes and part of it even works as a headboard. Design: Wolf Woof

8. Bay Window Dressing

Surrounding the cosy bay window alcove are cubby holes that accommodate everything from books to display knickknacks. Practical, yet also dressing up the window. Design: Upstairs_

9. Staircase Storage

Hidden compartments under the stairs function as storage, while also acting as a backdrop for this dining zone. The drawers are clad in woodgrain laminates, creating a seamless design with the wood flooring in the space. Design: Erstudio

10. Grille Organisation

A metal grille serves as a convenient holdall for kitchen utensils and wares, allowing the home cook to see where everything is at once. It also helps to dress up the empty kitchen wall, which is decked out in white subway tiles for functionality. Design: Linear Space Concepts

11. Bookshelves with Hidden Stairs

Bookshelves with staircases aren’t just the requisite of ancient libraries. You can recreate the same feeling of majesty with one in your home. If you are short on space, consider concealing the stairway like what was done in this design. The stairs can be rolled back in to flush with the bookshelves when you're done with picking out the book from the upper shelves. Design: Piu Design

12. Counter Concealment

The topmost drawer in this kitchen transforms into additional prep space when pulled out. A nifty space-saving trick for small kitchens with little countertop room. Design: Cozyspace  
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