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Spa Renovation

The interior makes or breaks a spa. Naturally, a dilapidated, dingy and dirty spa space will put off clients. A spa is a place to relax and unwind, not to stress about the torn wallpapers, dirty flooring and musky smell.


Ideally, a spa should be a sanctuary renovated and designed to create a temple for holistic wellness, a refuge for the soul and a retreat for the body away from the hectic, busy Singapore urban jungle. Some spas which have enough space can even build a Zen garden with natural lighting. Timbre decked passageways and miniature waterfalls can create wonders in relaxing the soul.

The interior of the spa can be renovated to house a number of soft dividing walls as it does not reduce space but enhances the mood for privacy. Furthermore, soft dividing walls (think, Japanese dividing walls) are not as expensive as concrete divisions and easier to take down should you wish to change it. Natural lighting would be wonderful, but a dark, relaxing spa also works wonders. Soft lighting should be used. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights that obviously will not relax anyone in the room. There should also be a waiting area which is carefully renovated to be cosy and soothing as guests await their turn at the massage and facial rooms. Due to the nature of the place, it is discouraged to place a television set in the waiting lounge or even racks of magazines as it disrupts the sense of peace within the room.

Of course, the best arsenal for your spa would be friendly and soft spoken attendants. What good is a perfectly renovated spa if your therapists gossip, are rude and are sullen? At the end of each day, people go to spas to relax and rejuvenate themselves. So keep in mind to renovate your spa according to the basic Zen minimalist principles.

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