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Smart Homes: The Future is Now

Remember all the fancy conceptions you’ve seen in sci-fi films? Lights that come and off simply upon clapping, and how everything can be controlled with the push of a button. Well, that time is here and now; smart homes are making their way into the market. Yes, we have gradually, unknowingly stepped into the future. Many products and appliances nowadays are equipped with advanced technology to make our lives easier and better. You’ve probably heard about The Visionaire EC, which is the first smart home EC in Singapore. Even though you might not be living there, plenty of goods in the market these days are already embedded with a whole host of interesting functions for you to enjoy a similar lifestyle. So without further ado, let’s welcome the future with tips on how you can “Smartify” your home!




Living Room / General



1. *LifeSmart’s Smart Home Wi-fi Camera

-Lets you keep tabs on what’s happening in and around your home
-Simply view the live stream on your mobile device
-Keep an eye on family members, pets, or the office 24 hours a day
*Snap Shot: Can capture a moment and send it directly to your mobile device
-Available for purchase @ S$199



2. *LifeSmart’s BLEND™ Light Bulb

*Capable of producing over 16 million colour schemes with adjustable brightness and preset lighting sets
-Provides flexibility to create the perfect ambience in any room
-Currently sold out



3. *LifeSmart’s Smart Light Switch

*Replaces your normal switch with smart home technology to make your life easier
-In addition to traditional switch control of your lights and switch outlets, you can choose combination controls.
-Available for purchase now @ S$129 (U.P S$159)
*All the above can be controlled by the LifeSmart Station and LifeSmart App
*For further enquiries, you can contact the LifeSmart team here.



4. Dyson’s Pure Cool Link purifier fan

*Automatically removes 99.95% of harmful ultra fine particles as small as 0.1 microns
-Automatically monitors, reacts, and purifies — then reports to your Dyson Link app
-Comes with a night-time auto-mode. Your machine will continue to monitor and respond to air quality while you’re asleep, but only using the quietest settings.
-Available for purchase @ all major departmental stores and electrical multiples @ S$1,099




5. Samsung’s VR9050 ROBOT VC with Cyclone Force, 70W

*Comprehensive scan: An upgraded, high-performance FullView Sensor™ comprehensively locates even very narrow or small obstacles across a wide area.
-Point and clean: A Point Cleaning™ controller lets you guide the Powerboat to clean dusty spots
-Always charged — automatically: An Auto Charge function means you don’t need to worry about it running out of power and stopping
-Virtually more protection: A Virtual Guard™ prevents your Powerbot from going into areas that you prohibited



6. LG’s Styler

*Steam clothing care that refreshes clothes in a fraction of the usual time
-Offers the NFC Tag On feature, which allows users to download specialised cycles to their smartphones to be uploaded to the Styler
-Equipped with Smart Diagnosis™ feature, which can help the user quickly and efficiently troubleshoot mechanical issues.
-Available in white @ S$2,999


X9300D (9)

7. Sony’s X93D HDR with Android TV

-Connects to a wide range of Internet video services, such as YouTube and Netflix, wirelessly by using built-in Wi-Fi®.
*Photo Sharing Plus makes it possible for up to 10 users to share photos and music from their smartphone or tablet wirelessly on the big screen.
-Starting @ S$5,999



8. LG’s G5 Friends Rolling Bot

-A companion device (for the LG G5 Smartphone) that rolls like a ball while capturing images and videos with its embedded 8MP camera
*Not just a toy, can be used as a monitoring system for the home, pet care companion, as well as a remote controller for compatible home appliances.
-Available for purchase @ S$498





9. Samsung’s AddWash Washing Machine

-Washing can be completed in just 59 minutes
*Allows you to simply and quickly add forgotten clothes after your cycle has already started
-Intensive stain removal
-Big capacity, less laundry time
-Guaranteed durability
-Less noise and less vibration
-Easy troubleshooting with Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system (detects and diagnoses problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone app)





10. TOTO’s CW993VA/TCF993WA

*Actilight (keeps the toilet clean on its own, ridding it of both visible and invisible waste)
-Automatic operation: lid opens, closes, and toilet flushes when sensor is activated
-Auto soft light function for nighttime usage


Do you recall that one scene in the movie Wall-E, where everybody had huge bellies and were just lying around because all the robots were doing all the work? Would that be utopia or dystopia? That said, which aspect of smart homes do you think is the most interesting or important?

*Best/unique features

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