Small Space Solutions for Condos: 6 Ingenious Floor Plan Ideas for Haus on Handy

  • Jul 11, 2019

Manoeuvring a small space requires just a bit of ingenuity. Using floor plans from the newest (and hippest) condo on the block, Haus on Handy located right next to Plaza Singapura and Dhoby Ghaut MRT, we show how you can make the most of a small floor estate without having to do a major renovation overhaul.  

1. Dining at the balcony

1-Bedroom Size: 420 – 570 sqft This layout may be small but it’s boxy in shape, so there’s actually more room to manoeuvre things around. Extend your one-wall kitchen into an L-shaped, so you can have a nice breakfast counter for casual meals. For more formal meals, eat out by the balcony in an alfresco setting by placing your dining area there. Design: Starry Homestead  

2. A pull-out study table

1-Bedroom + Study Size: 517 – 624 sqft This 1-bedroom unit comes with a dedicated study nook by the foyer, which is great if you need more privacy when working. Because the workspace is relatively narrow, a lean wall-mounted desk will make the room feel less cramped. You might want to consider an extra pull-out table though, for when you need more table space. Design: Anhans Interior Design  

3. Embrace glass walls

2-Bedroom Size: 592 – 764 sqft If you’re not big on privacy and want a bright and airy studio style apartment, consider hacking away your concrete walls and replacing them with glass panels. In this layout idea, we also took away the wall between the two bedrooms, so that the sleeping area and the walk-in wardrobe can be connected. Design: Fuse Concept  

4. Concealed doorways

2-Bedroom + Study Size: 678 – 926 sqft Concealing a doorway is one way to create a more seamless and less cluttered space, so important for a small home. Here, we thought to hide the entrance into the bathroom with a wood panelled door, which is flush to the kitchen cabinetry and done up in the same laminate finish. And how storage savvy is that full-height pantry pull-out? Design: The Local Inn.terior  

5. Making the most of your bedrooms

3-Bedroom Dual Key Size: 980 sqft We love dual-key units, which are a great option for inter-generational families or if you are a potential landlord and are looking to get more bang for your buck by renting out your unit to a few groups of people. Here are some ways to make the most of your dual-key apartment. In the studio bedroom, do up a thin divider to lend privacy to the sleeping space from the kitchenette. Place the divider on a storage platform for more storage space. In the common bedroom in the other section of the apartment, you can do up a loft bed with a desk underneath for junior, which can minimise the floor estate used. Design: Rezt & Relax Interior  

6. Open kitchen idea

3-Bedroom Size: 947 – 1,141 sqft So Haus on Handy’s three-bedroom units come with a closed kitchen concept. But if you prefer an open one, consider breaking down one of the walls—the one facing the dining area—and replacing it with a glass window. This is a great way to open up the cooking zone. Plus, it lets you monitor what's happening outside while you're cooking. We also thought there’s enough room to place a small kitchen island by the dining area, which you can prep light meals on or use it as a serving table for when you have guests over. If you have a lot of clothes and nowhere to put them, consider converting a spare bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe. But make it more multipurpose, with a study area and a cosy corner so space usage is maximised. Design: Fineline Design  
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