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9 Small Space Home Offices in Singapore You Can (Actually) Work In

In most apartments and flats in Singapore, where space is often sought after, the home office or study room isn’t usually relegated the same importance as say, the kitchen or the bedroom. But if you’re hoping to get some work done at home, it’s best to make sure there’s actually space to work in. How then do you balance that with the already limited space you have? Here are a few examples from real Singapore homes to help you along:


1. Make it a part of your bed frame

A back panel on the desk demarcates between the workspace and the sleeping area. It also obscures the sight of the bed, lessening the temptation to lounge when you should be working. Cut-outs on the platform steps serve as bookshelves.

Design: Story of Us


2. A shared space with your kitchen counter

This petite home office shares a space with the kitchen counter, designed with a wider width to accommodate both functions. A glass panel sitting in the middle of the counter separates the workstation from the cooking and washing up area.

Design: Meter Cube


3. Let it float

The workstation is hung from the ceiling in the living room, creating a floating effect that lends a light-and-airy feel to the space. Pockets of open display shelves prevent it from being too visually bulky in this small apartment.

Design: MMJ Design


4. Have your bedside table do double duty

If you’re too short on space to have a separate study desk in your bedroom, consider working your bedside table extra hard by doubling it as a workstation as well. Build it taller than you would a bedside table so that you can sit there comfortably to work.

Design: i-Bridge Design


5. Kitchen island pop-up

The desktop monitor is kept hidden within the kitchen island in this small condominium and can be kept away when the space is used for cooking instead of working.

Design: D5 Studio Image


6. TV console extension

A slim, wall-hung desk extends from the TV console to the other side of the wall to serve as a small space home office in this living room. To make it work, the sofa and the TV are positioned slightly off-centre so as to make room for the workstation.

Design: AD.I.WRKS


7. Do without a chair

Have the habit of working from your bed? Consider installing a wall or ceiling mounted desk at the foot of your bed to make it easier to work from. You can do without an office chair and use your bed for sitting.

Design: Neu Konceptz


8. Conquer a corner

Making use of a corner that would otherwise be left unused because of the windows there, the designer custom-built a table to form a small space home office in the area. The curved desk creates a larger area to work with than if they went with an angled table in the same space.

Design: Proj B Studio


9. A recessed nook within your wardrobe

Reduce the size of your closet to make room for a home office. The recessed design here creates a bit of privacy for working, while visually also making sure the space doesn’t protrude out too much so that it eats into the square footage of the room.

Design: The Scientist

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