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Small Home Office Renovation Ideas


The advent of the Internet has opened the doors of opportunity for a wide variety of home-based jobs. Hence, there came a massive rise in demand for home offices and, eventually, home office renovations. Working at home does not mean that you have to sit on your bed the whole day or sit on your couch while tinkering on your laptop. Work requires a certain degree of concentration and the ambience, undoubtedly, makes or breaks your concentration.

In Singapore, most homeowners find that the lack of space is always their major constraint when it comes to renovations. So in this article, we are going to provide you with a few home office ideas, especially for small spaces.

  1. Choose a neutral colour palette. Dark and bold colours will make a room seem smaller than it actually is. Neutral hues give it a light, airy feel. Do not put too much visual weight to a room.
  2. Use small furniture and furnishings. When it comes to renovation, remember this: small spaces, small furniture. Big spaces, big furniture. Make sure the furniture and furnishings you purchase are in proportion to the rest of the room. What use is a large oak desk when it will take up more than half the room?
  3. Avoid clutter. Keep your desk, cabinets and files organised.
  4. Use shelves. The shelf under the stairs trick has been used one too many times. Yet, it works every time. Renovate your home to include these shelves. They will help you hide your clutter while saving you space.
  5. Make use of corners. Do not overlook corners. Place the desk close to corners to save space. Furthermore, it looks tidier that way.
  6. Decorate. Yes, decorate, but decorate subtly. Add your favourite things to your work space, but keep them to a minimum. It would not be recommended to place a large wall painting or a sculpture when you already have too little space to work with.
  7. Use windows. When renovating your small office space, make sure that it has large windows. They enhance the room and will save you electricity cost during daytime.

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