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Small Home? Copy from these Multifunctional Spaces

To make the most of the space in your small home, create versatile, multifunctional rooms that do more than just one thing. Your kitchen could double as a home office, while your laundry room could find itself within the confines of your living space. When it comes to maximising small spaces, there are no limits. Take a leaf from these ingenious multitasking zones found within tiny homes in Singapore:


Living Room + Home Office

For most people, the living room is one of the biggest areas at home. Besides using it for watching TV, consider including your home office in this area. It helps to keep the working zone away from a restful area like your bedroom.

1. Consider carving out a space for a dedicated workstation within your communal room. Blinds provide a screen for privacy.

Design: Ehka Studio


Living Room + Dressing Room

A dresser for your morning rituals doesn’t have to be sequestered to a private area like your bedroom. You can consider placing it within your living room if you have the extra room to spare in this communal space. Plus, it’s a great spot to put in the final touches to your beauty regime before you step out of the house. Conceal it behind cabinet doors so that you can keep your dressing table out of sight when you have guests over.

3. A dedicated beauty station is concealed behind the doors of this living room cabinets.

Design: Design Chapterz


Living Room + Bedroom

Sometimes, due to spatial constraints, you might have to put a communal space like the living room together with a private space like the bedroom. To create a semblance of privacy for your sleeping quarters, construct glass sliding doors as dividers. They still help to retain the sense of space, while still channelling light into both zones.

4. The living room and bedroom sit in the same zone, separated only by glass sliding doors.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

5. The headboard doubles as the TV wall in this living room and bedroom combination.

Design: Story of Us


Living Room + Laundry Room

If using your living room as your laundry room sounds like baloney, consider this: you get to watch your favourite TV show while working through your ironing pile! How’s that for a win-win?

6. The ironing board is fitted neatly into the living room cabinetry and can be pulled out when it’s time to do the ironing.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

7. A sliding door keeps the washer hidden from sight in this living room.

Design: Chapter B

Kitchen + Home Office

The most hardworking space in the home is about to get even more diligent: Incorporating a home office within your kitchen works particularly if you have a large island or a counter where you can get plenty of work done. It’s a good option if you prefer a more centralised hub for your home office so you can keep one eye on your kids’ homework and the other eye on your paperwork.

8. A kitchen on one side, a home office on the other: Sharing a common counter space, the kitchen and home office are kept separated by a sheet of clear glass. It helps to keep the fumes and grease out from the home office space too.

Design: Meter Cube Interiors

9. The computer monitor is concealed within the kitchen island, popping up when the area is turned into a home office. Otherwise, the counter is mainly used as a cooking prep station.

Design: D5 Studio Image


Kitchen + Dining Room

Eat-in kitchens feel casual and homey, and are a great way to minimise time and fuss when serving meals. It’s also a space-saving solution if you double up your kitchen furniture for dining!

11. Dining for two: A drop-leaf dining table extends out from the kitchen counter. It can be used as an extra kitchen prep station when the homeowners aren’t eating from it.

Design: Space Atelier


Bedroom + Home Office

Meshing work and rest is sometimes inevitable, particularly if you don’t have a lot of room to play around. If you’re considering placing your home office within the confines of your bedroom, make sure you take steps to create different zones for answering emails versus getting that good night’s rest.

12. An over-the-bed table means you won’t need a separate nook for your home office. Just roll it away when you’re done and ready for sleep. Keep it at the foot of your bed as an extra décor/storage area.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design


Bedroom + Walk-in Wardrobe

If you’ve always wanted a walk-in wardrobe but don’t have the extra room to spare, consider incorporating it within your bedroom instead. Rearrange your furniture and layout so that your walk-in closet can feel exclusive and private.

14. The wardrobe itself functions as the divider between the bedroom and the walk-in closet area.

Design: UNO Interior


Bathroom + Dressing Room

A dressing or vanity table for doing your makeup and daily rituals might seem an impossible task in a small bathroom, but there are ways around it if you know how.

15. You can completely do away with a shower area if you want a dressing table within the bathroom. This only works if you have an extra bathroom at home though.

Design: Free Space Intent

16. Or you can consider going for a more petite sink area, so there’s space for a dressing table within the bathroom.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke


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