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Singapore Renovation Contractors Advice on Flooring

Many of you may have noticed the new trend in Singapore. Renovation contractors no longer recommend the use of wall to wall carpets. Once a fad that many homeowners aspired to have, wall to wall carpets have been recently found to harbour allergens and to trap toxins that owners take with them to the home. A lot of synthetic carpets also contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds. If you are one of the few who still have wall to wall carpets, then it would help to vacuum weekly with a HEPA vacuum so that it can pick up allergens and other materials. If you can do so, it would be ideal to replace your wall to wall carpet with other sustainable flooring materials such as hard wood or tiles. If you want to add softness to your floor, you can always opt to obtain all-natural rugs made from wool, hemp or cotton.


Most Singapore renovation contractors would advise that you go for hard flooring made of harvested wood, renewable bamboo, cork or even reclaimed wood. Tiles are also a popular choice by renovation contractors. Tiles are easy to clean, easy to maintain and instantly add polish to any home. You simply need to vacuum or wash with water to get it clean. Remember though that mildew may grow in the crevices of your floor tiles so make sure you get to wash them well.

You may have noticed that Singapore renovation contractors have recently avoided vinyl flooring too. This is because recent studies have shown that most vinyl flooring samples contain phthalate plasticizers. These phthalate plasticizers have recently banned in children’s products. A large number of the vinyl flooring samples showed detectable levels of lead. Some flooring contained more levels of lead than others.

Whatever you decide on, always make sure that you get a flooring material that is sustainable. Aesthetics and comfort come second to you and your family’s health.

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