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Singapore Interior Designers’ Recommendations on Teens’ Bedrooms

Singapore interior designers know that planning and designing of a teen’s bedroom lies mostly on the personality, character and preference of the occupant of that bedroom. Singapore interior designers cannot just go about designing a room without understanding the interests and identity of the child. Here are some tips for knowing how to go about with your teen’s bedroom renovation:


  • What is your teen’s favourite colour? Understanding your teenager’s favourite colour can be key in the bedroom interior design. However, you should try not to indulge too fancy colour preferences such as bold red with yellow flames or black painted with white skulls. Singapore interior designers recommend going for neutral shades or solid colours. Splashes of colours can then be added to the windows, furniture and even the door.
  • What furniture and accessories will your teen need in the bedroom? Naturally, your teen would need a bed and various compartments to store the personal belongings. Shelving units are recommended by Singapore interior designers as these can hold anything from books, toys, photos, trophies, albums and any mementos your teen might have. A large wardrobe is also recommended especially if your teen has a lot of clothes and does not wear a uniform to school. A large closet will also help keep clutter at bay.
  • Does your teen want a large space to move around? There is a new trend among Singapore interior designers lately. They prefer to elevate the bed making the bedroom look like a loft. The top will be the sleeping space while the bottom will be used as a study area or even a closet.
  • Is your teen organised enough? If your teen is not organised and messy like most other teens are, Singapore interior designers recommend special areas designated as hampers to keep all dirty clothing.

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