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Singapore Interior Design Ideas: Minimalist Designs

I am sure that you have probably heard a dozen or so people say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This may be true for a significant number of people in Singapore. Many Singapore homeowners opt for Minimalist interior design for various reasons. One, it is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Two, it never goes out of style. Three, it is classy and appealing.


Minimalist interior design in Singapore is often more affordable. You do not have to invest on so much furniture and furnishings. In addition, minimalist interior design in Singapore is easy to clean and maintain. Yes, Singaporeans are often busy. So with less furniture and less fuss, the home will be easier to maintain. Furthermore, it reduces stress. Visual clutter creates stress. So the less visual clutter there is, the less stress we have to worry about.

So how do you go about achieving this minimalist interior design in Singapore? Here are some useful tips:

  • Only retain furniture that are essential for your home. This means that you do away with glitzy frames, ornate vases, antique grandfather clock, tiny knick knacks and figurines. It means retaining only the essentials such as the couch, television and centre table for the living room, table, chairs and cabinets for the dining room and beds, wardrobe and lots of storage spaces for the bedroom.
  • Start room by room. Do not start with the entire house’s interior design. For instance, start with the living room interior design. See what fits and what works. After you have established what you want for the living room, you can proceed to the other rooms.
  • Avoid stacking and clutters. Remember how your parents and grandparents love stacking tiny figurines and all sorts of clutter on top of your furniture? Avoid this in minimalist interior design. You must avoid placing clutter on top of your furniture or even your floor.

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