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5 Singapore Homes that Accommodate Both Introverts and Extroverts

Planning your home design based on your personality helps to create a space that allows you to thrive. For the introvert who derives their energy from being alone, you might need more areas at home for quiet and contemplation. For the extrovert who thrives on being around people, open spaces that allow you to feel connected to people might be more up your alley.

While introverts and extroverts are distinctly different personalities, both will need a range of spaces at home to allow them to decide what they need at a given time of the day. After all, there are times when the introvert will want to feel connected to people, and there are times when the extrovert will need to be in a quiet place to reflect and recharge—it just might be in varying degrees.

A well-planned home as such will feature flexible spaces that can accommodate both the introvert and extrovert. To give you a sense of how such a home can look like, we compiled a series of homes in Singapore that do just that.

1. This apartment is the perfect party pad, designed to host the extrovert’s wide social circle. The big, open spaces allow guests to mingle freely and to flow naturally from the living room to the dry kitchen area and home bar. When downtime is needed, a wide sliding door—extending across the width of the flat—can be closed off to create pockets of private spaces.

Design: The Design Abode
Location: Marine Terrace

2. Dividing walls are noticeably absent in this bright and airy apartment, suited for the extrovert who will feel more connected if they can see where everyone is. Instead, curtains—which are visually less obtrusive—are used to separate the kitchen and the bedroom from the communal spaces.

Notice also that most of the furniture come with castors at the bottom, which lend of plenty of flexibility in the arrangement and layout of the home. As such, things can be moved around and rearranged depending on whether privacy or openness is needed or wanted.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke
Location: Waterloo


3. If you are an introvert that works from home, instead of placing your workstation in a multipurpose setting where the constant flurry of activity and noise can be too distracting, consider setting aside your home office at an unobtrusive corner. Introverts do need the proximity of other people from time to time, so incorporate the option to leave it open.

Here, the home office sits by the corner of the dining room. Privacy is attained through a wooden sliding door, which can be left open whenever the introvert wants to be connected with the rest of the occupants in the communal zones.

Design: Artistroom
Location: Toa Payoh

4. The homeowner’s love for liquor and entertaining does not mean he doesn’t need a private space to recharge occasionally. While the communal areas, primarily the dining and kitchen areas, are the domains of dinner parties, he set aside a personal home bar by the corner of the living room, complete with a traditional wooden bar cabinet and a comfy leather armchair.

Design: Versaform
Location: Yishun

5. A dry kitchen and the dining room sit in the heart of this home in a cavernous, open plan, which is designed just for entertaining. Despite so, there are pockets of seating throughout the flat, with a variety of configurations to facilitate cosier conversations, which introverted personalities will feel more comfortable with.

Design: The 80’s Studio
Location: Rivervale Drive


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