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Singapore Home Renovations on a Budget: Part 2

We are on our second part of this two part article. We have covered the walls, so let us move forward with other matters.


  • You need to check your renovation company’s qualifications and portfolio. First of all, an interior design company and a renovation company is different. You need to know what to expect from each one. Again, they are not the same. Interior designers usually will not too ask for fees that are way too high because they do not get cuts. Unlike renovation companies. Renovation companies do have a portfolio so you have to go through them and you have to call their previous clientele for reviews or comments. Renovation companies basically try to make your home livable and their primary concern is exactly that – not on balancing the aesthetic part of your home.
  • Do not stick to very traditional designs. Do you remember those flamboyant curtains, table skirts, elaborate carvings and hardwood couches? Those stuffs are expensive, they take up much space and they are difficult to maintain. Renovation companies who are concerned about your limited budget usually suggest keeping things minimal to keep the costs down. Contemporary, minimalist style also usually involves cheap furniture. You can get affordable furniture just about anywhere – not those hand-carved artistic types. You can get away with simple finishes and none of those elaborate decorations. Glass and chrome is in and they are both very cheap too.
  • Be smart in buying furniture. If your renovation contractor knows someone who makes furniture, let them build you one. Built in cabinets, wardrobes and built tables are cheaper than those overpriced ones sold at flashy furniture shops. Or, you always have the option to go to Ikea.
  • Do away with carpets. Carpets are high maintenance and they are very expensive too.

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