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BTO Site and Unit Analysis Feb 2018 for Tampines (Tampines GreenDew & Tampines GreenFoliage)

The BTO results were recently announced for units launched during February 2018. For those who got a queue number, check out our analyses of the Choa Chu Kang (Teck Whye View) and the Geylang (Ubi Grove) BTOs.

Today’s article will focus on the two Tampines BTOs launched during this exercise: GreenDew and GreenFoliage.

The two BTOs are located next to Tampines GreenCourt, launched back in November 2017. We previously visited the site earlier this year, and found the area to be still relatively underdeveloped and therefore inaccessible to the public due to the numerous construction works going on. Based on our previous analysis for Tampines GreenCourt, the zone is set to be a huge BTO cluster.

We mapped out the various BTOs currently under construction in this area:

Based on pre-release information from HDB, the next Tampines BTO launching in May 2018 will be located right beside Tampines GreenFoliage. And based on the site and location maps by HDB, the surrounding greens will eventually be turned into public housing as well.

The good thing about the two Tampines BTOs launched this time round is that both are still located a relative distance from the TPE expressway, with future developments acting as a kind of buffer, which hopefully means units there won’t be subjected to too much traffic noise.



Depending on the construction of future roads, it is highly likely that it will take less than 20 minutes (by walking) to reach Ikea, Courts and Giant Tampines. It is about a 6-min drive to Pasir Ris town centre, and a 7-min drive to Tampines’ main hub.

If you take public transport, there are three bus stops located right outside the BTOs, which we believe will serve as shuttle stops to nearby MRT stations. For GreenDew, they are located along Tampines North Drive 2 and Tampines Street 62. For GreenFoliage, it’s located along Tampines Street 62.

There aren’t many amenities within the sites themselves (save for an education centre within GreenFoliage), but neighbouring Tampines GreenCourt BTO (launched November 2017) has a retail cluster within walking distance and comes with a supermarket, childcare centre and other retail and F&B outlets.



HDB has clustered both the units at GreenDew and GreenFoliage together in its unit selection, which won’t matter if you don’t have a preference. However, if you do, note that blocks 647A, 648A, 648B and 648C are GreenDew, while blocks 645A, 645B, 646A and 646B are GreenFoliage. Also note that only 4-room and 5-room flats are available at GreenFoliage, while GreenDew has those in addition to 3-room flats.

In general, the blocks at GreenDew are arranged at a more curvilinear fashion so the units are closer to one another. The ones at GreenFoliage are more spread apart because of their perpendicular layout, so there’s a fair distance between one cluster stack to another.


Best units at GreenDew?

Proximity to bus stop
Counting the distance from the lift lobbies to the surrounding bus stops, blocks 648C and 648A are closest to the bus stop at 33.3m and 62.5m respectively.

Quieter units
The units marked here are the ones away from the road, away from the bus stops, away from the car park, and away from high activity zones such as the pavilion, playground and fitness stations. So if you want some peace and quiet, pick these:

647A: 181, 179, 177, 203, 201
648B: 139, 141, 143, 145
648C: 161, 163, 165, 167

Greater privacy
Go for units at the corners if you don’t want nosy neighbours walking past your flat to get to the lifts:

648A: 119, 107
647A: 183, 197*
648B: 133, 145
648C: 161, 171, 173

*For the unit of this stack on the 9th floor, there is a link bridge that leads to the car park so the unit will not enjoy the same level of privacy.

Less afternoon sun
We want to avoid units where the living room and bedrooms face the afternoon sun, as that will create a very warm environment in your flat when you come home from work in the evening. In Singapore, the afternoon sun comes from north-west during March to September and south-west from September to March.

Pick these units which are facing away from the afternoon sun or are relatively blocked from the heat:

648A: 105, 107
647A: 203, 201, 199
648B: 135, 137


Best units at GreenFoliage?

Proximity to bus stop
In general, the units at GreenFoliage are located a bit further from the bus stops than at GreenDew. The block that is closest is 646B at 66.3m.

Quieter units
For some peace and quiet, these units are away from high activity zones, including the education centre, pavilion, playground, fitness stations, car park, bus stops as as well as traffic roads:

645B: 35, 33, 57
645A: 11, 23
646A: 89, 91

Greater privacy
Owing to GreenFoliage’s perpendicular arrangement, there are more corner units at this BTO than at GreenDew. Corner units tend to have more privacy, as they won’t have neighbours passing through them:

645A: 15, 17, 25, 31
646B: 35, 43, 49, 51
646A: 81*, 93
646B: 59, 61, 65*, 71, 77

*Take note for units on the 8th floor. As there is a link bridge that links to car park, residents on these units might not enjoy the same level of privacy.

Less afternoon sun
As mentioned earlier, units that face the afternoon sun tend to create a very warm environment for your home when you get home from work in the evening. Avoid units that are facing the north-west or the south-west, which is the direction of the afternoon sun in Singapore. Pick these units instead:

645A: 25, 27, 29
645B: 45, 47, 49
646A: 81, 83, 85, 87
646B: 67, 69

Disclaimer: Action taken in response to the information provided in this article is at the reader’s discretion. Site plans and maps are from HDB.


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