10 Simple Renovation Tips to Inject Hotel Vibes in your Abode

  • Dec 15, 2021


These 10 simple home renovation tips, to help you get started on achieving the coveted hotel vibe for a comfortable getaway, right in the comfort of your home!

#1. No visual clutter to usher a sense of calm and order

Image from: Luke Arthur Wells

Since there is always a place for everything in a hotel, there is minimal clutter since unnecessary things are kept out of sight. In addition, keeping a room neat and tidy helps to usher a sense of calm and order, and this is the critical step that creates a mood for relaxation. Furthermore, decluttering also makes the abode look airy and fresh too.

What this means to you?
Work with your renovation professionals to create concealed storage in unexpected places, such as a storage bay window bench or  for plenty of hidden nooks.  For an illusion of vertical space, use appropriately proportioned furniture and install large mirrors at strategic corners such as the walkways.

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Design: Linear Space Concepts

#2. Choose soothing colours for relaxation

Image from: Interior Design.net

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

When soothing shades are used in a bedroom, they help to reduce stress and calm the nervous system. This is the reason why most hotel rooms are decked out in these soothing colours. To add a designer’s touch to the space, you can use light, neutral accent colours. Feeling bold? Try installing a wall with graphic wallpapers for a more textured look. Inject a bit of glamour with high glosses in the right places, such as the cabinetry trims.

  What this means to you?
For homeowners in search for a tranquil, relaxing escape can consider using color therapy, a popular practice of using color to stimulate positive emotions and improve mental health. Trending colors such as azure blue, mint green, or blush pink, are also calming and stylish.

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Design: Design Zage

#3. Dial-up the luxe factor with natural stone finishing

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Design: MMJ Design

Marble, one of the most beautiful natural stones which are prized for its unique veined look, is usually used with a flourish in high-end hotels. In fact, aside from flooring or kitchen countertop and vanity top,  this beautiful stone that evokes a message of luxury and style is also either utilised as a bespoke statement or an accent piece in the living room or a bedroom feature wall.

What this means to you?
Aside from marble, you should also discuss with your renovation professionals what are the other natural stone alternatives that you can consider. If budget is a concern, you can think about using marble-lookalike laminates or homogenous tiles to up the luxe factor, while keeping the costs within your budget.

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Image: Home Designing

#4. Use layered lighting for a cosy, soft ambience


Almost all hotel rooms come with layered lightings, to allow their guests to create the right ambience based on the purpose and the time of the day. Starting from the floor, the skirting lights, wall pendants and ceiling downlights, these lightings complement each other to alter the mood of the room. Therefore, using the right ambient, accent and task lightings, help to recreate a luxury hotel vibe in the home, especially in the bedroom and living room area.

What this means to you?
Install a dimmer switch to help you capture the essence of a relaxing, tranquil ambiance of a hotel room more effectively. Avoid installing cool lights or daylights which might give your room a harsh, clinical look. Alternatively, you can contemplate switching to the tri-color LED lights, which can change colors to warm white, natural white and cool white at the flick of the switch.

Design: Space Atelier

Design: Violetta Design Studio

#5. Open concept for more flexibility

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

Modern hotel rooms are moving towards casual open floor plans since an open concept offers greater creative flexibility in terms of decoration and furniture arrangements. When this concept is utilised for homes, this design approach allows freedom in drawing up distinct areas for cozy, study corners or working from home whenever needed.

What this means to you?
Open floor plan does not necessary means loss of privacy and tranquility. Another approach for implementing open concept at home is to replace the walls with glass, and this is one of the most common tried-and-tested tricks, to create a sense of open space while creating distinct zones. Open concepts can also be applied to the kitchen and bathrooms too.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

Design: VOILÀ

#6. Keep out the light and noise with blackout curtains

Image from Ikea

 As many hotels are set in a tranquil environment, to replicate the idyllic experience, thick blackout curtains are recommended. Not strictly used for soundproofing, blackout curtains can dual function to keep out the lights and muffle outside noises. This helps to guarantee a peaceful, relaxing afternoon and a better night’s sleep.

What this means to you?
There are high tech gadgets, such as LecrtroFan, which can neutralize unwanted noises. Ensure that the curtain rods are drilled in enforced walls, as super heavy duty soundproof curtains can be significantly heavier than the day curtains. Also, make sure that the curtains are installed near the edge of the ceiling, so that the room will appear vertically taller and more airy.

Image from Tucasabella

Design: Monocot

#7. Convert your bathroom into a spa

Image from Pinterest

Aside from the bathtub, a rain shower is synonymous with posh hotels. Rainshower mimics the natural rain streaming down upon you, and washes away your stress while soothing your aching muscles. Use elegant finishes such as a marble countertop, paired with rose gold or gold, to make the bathroom look effortlessly chic and glam. Remember to pipe your favourite music and podcasts with a wireless speaker to complete the spa-like experience.

What this means to you?
For HDB homeowners, remember to comply with the HDB guidelines for installation of the bathtub. 
In addition, you can consider using ceiling speakers to maximise floor space and hide untidy wiring for piping music into your bathroom. Also, you should install floating wall shelves in the bathtub area for storing of luxurious bathtub products such as bath salt and oil.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

Design: Fuse Concept

#8.  Throw in signature artwork

Design:  VOILÀ

Jazz up the home interiors instantly with some signature artwork. When chosen correctly, beautiful artwork makes anyone feel welcomed and captivated, especially when the aesthetically pleasing artwork tells a compelling story.

What this means to you?
The color palette of the artwork should not clash with the color of the walls, furnishings, and accent features. Either stay within that same color range of colors, or use the complementary ones. You can explore with your renovation professionals whether using multiple art mediums and wall murals help to add more stunning visual interest.

Image from: Architectural Digest

Design: Space Atelier

#9. Go high tech to make life easier

Image from: Pinterest

Modern contemporary hotels are pulsed with the latest technologies, such as remote-controlled window shades, automated lighting and ‘smart glass’ shower walls and doors, which instantly frost upon the touch of the button. You can also start small with smart solutions for controlling lights, aircon before moving into the more complex ones, such as concealing a  flat-screen TV in the bathroom mirror so that you can catch the latest Netflix movie while chilling in the bathtub!

What this means to you?
 Work with your renovation professionals for your home automation needs. Consider getting a hub, such as
Samsung Smart Things Hub, to integrate the various smart home devices with one another. 

Image from: The Ambient

#10. Add appealing scents

Image from: Apartment Therapy

The secret to hotel stays lies in creating an environment that appeals to all the 3 senses; sight, smell and sound. The last sensory area to look out for is the smell, to immediately transform a space and transport one to another dimension as familiar scents trigger emotions and memories of times past! This is why hotels introduce diffuse scents in the lobbies and the hotel rooms as part of the whole 'customer experience'.

What this means to you?
You can use aromatherapy to instantly refresh your home with amazing scents to make it feel luxurious and welcoming! The easiest, cheapest and safest way is to use the plug-in wall scents instead of
aroma candles. Work with your renovation professionals to ensure that there are sufficient electrical plug points that are carefully spread throughout the house. 

Design: Earth Interior Design


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