10 Simple Interior Design Swaps to Maximise Storage Space for Compact Homes

  • Jan 20, 2022

Design: MET Interior

Living Room

#1. Swap the ready-made TV console with a custom made version

Design: Icon Interior Design

The TV console is one of the biggest space wasters in a small living room. Mounting a wall to wall TV console will help you regain some floor space and ensure that you have ample storage room. Bonus tip; custom made a slim concealed bar and a coffee table for entertaining your guests.

Design: Ataz Haus

#2. Swap the traditional furniture with multi-functional pieces

Image from AwesomeInventions

Traditionally designed sofa takes up precious estate space since it performs only 1 function. Therefore flexible furniture is a necessity for space-challenged homes since a multifunctional sofa that maximises the living room's limited storage space will offer extra bang for your buck. A well designed multifunctional sofa should have hidden storage drawers, with its armrest that can double up as shelves. It may even transform into a guest sofa bed when needed. A storage ottoman is also useful to keep newspapers or magazines out of sight.

Image from bedandbasics

#3. Swap the storeroom with a structural, hidden storage wall

Design: Produce

Although most newer, smaller condos units do not come with any storeroom, you can easily construct one and have it strategically concealed with the rest of its surroundings.

Design: Provolk


#4. Swap the balcony rail with a hanging bar top/storage rack

Image from viewsbalconybar

Swap the balcony table with a stylish hanging balcony bar top. In this way, you can free up precious storage space on the balcony. Instead of leaving the potted plants on the balcony floor, reclaim precious space by hanging them on the corner storage rack. This makes it easier for you too, when you are cleaning the balcony floor.

Image from ebuy7

#5. Swap the empty balcony wall with an open shelving unit

Image from flymeso

When it comes to compact spaces, vertical storage is one of the best solutions for maximising storage utilisation. Using a large open shelving unit, with alternate box storage units installed, will make the balcony look industrial and contemporary at the same time. Bonus tip; use a bicycle tower to vertically stack your bicycles!

Image from digsdigs

Image from topeak

Dining Hall

#6. Swap the plain dining table with one with hidden storage

Image from  Architectureartdesigns

Dining tables with a hidden storage or cutlery drawer is very practical in a space staved dining hall. This exceptional design ensures that whatever you need is literally right under your fingertips! It is a perfect solution when you are running out of stool or cabinet space.

Image from homedit


#7. Swap the kitchen cabinet doors with ones that are hacked with clever storage boosters

Image from Familyhandyman

Maximise the cabinet storage capacity by utilizing every possible nook and cranny. Pegboard is great for organizing the kitchen, and the back of the kitchen cabinet door is the perfect place to set up a simple pegboard storage system. You can also set up a simple custom-sized pot lid storage in the cabinet doors with multiple sticks on command hooks.

Image from thekitchn

Study room

#8. Swap the rectangle study table with a sleek corner desk

Image from wayfair

Free up precious space in the study room for storage, by switching from the bulky study table with a space-saving corner desk. A contemporary styled suspended table, installed with a drawer and wall shelves, makes the most of an underused forgotten corner.

Image from toxel


#9. Swap the bed frame with a bespoke storage platform

Design: Metre Architects

To completely maximise the limited square footage in a small bedroom, consider exchanging the run of the mill storage bed frame with a bespoke designed floor storage platform. This will allow you access to the more usable storage, as you will be able to decide on the size of each compartment. If you are blessed with a high ceiling, you might be able to accommodate a petite-sized wardrobe right under the bed!

Image from dornob


#10. Swap the wall mounted mirror with a customised mirror vanity unit with adjustable shelves

 Valuable vertical bathroom storage space can be reclaimed by using a mirror vanity cabinet. To further maximise the vanity capacity, incorporate adjustable shelf holes with metal supports so that you adjust the height of the shelves according to the height of your bathroom items.

 Image from sawsonskates

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