Signs of Pests to Look Out for When Buying a New Home

  • Jun 1, 2018

House Hunting? You Have to Read This.

Buying a new home certainly sounds like an exciting new venture especially for first-time homeowners. After all, it’s the nesting ground the whole family returns to everyday after a day’s school or work. [gallery cstype="gallery_lightbox" columns="1" size="full" ids="70135"] What are some of the list of criteria homeowners typically look out for when shortlisting some of the new houses or apartments which in turn could be the place they would call home for the next few years down the road? Let us list a few important ones here-


No doubt a home set in the right location is crucial, a good location makes travelling time-saving, convenient and less of a hassle. Housing towns that offer a new state of vibrancy, green living and smart homes instantly ramp up a location’s attractiveness. To cater to new millennials, a housing town which boasts both physical and digital connectivity is definitely the next new hotspot for increasingly tech-savvy homeowners. There are also young couples who would prefer to stay near their parents; choosing to build their new homes somewhere closer to their parents could be one of the factors to influence location.


A neighbourhood area with good transport infrastructures connecting its own to various town and city centres is definitely a bonus. Although more new roads are beginning to surface to connect to some of the major expressways, parents also look out for nearby bus stops and train stations. Because when the young ones are starting to learn how to move on their own independently, a comprehensive public transportation network is a plus point. The expectations of transportation in modern days mean being well connected for the ultimate convenience getting to anywhere.


This one probably falls into the more luxurious wants for some homeowners; they look out in particular for amenities and extra facilities selectively. Do you want a swimming pool, concierge services, karaoke rooms, spas and business meeting rooms to serve you well? Well, depending on varying needs and wants of different families, homes with such facility amenities offered could be a deciding factor.  

Signs of Pests…???

[gallery cstype="gallery_lightbox" columns="1" size="full" ids="70136"] Err… Yes, you’ve seen this right. Signs of pests, yes? We have put this in because well, being the experts in pest control in Singapore, we have a duty to let homeowners know more about pests! If you learn to look out for simple signs of pests whether in a new or second-hand home, or even before buying it, it definitely provides you with more assurance and a peace of mind later on. Here are some really simple and useful tips you could use during your house hunting to spot signs of pests easily! [gallery cstype="gallery_lightbox" columns="1" size="full" ids="70137"] If you see… Multiple tiny black spots or dots on the floor and on table top surfaces, these are most likely cockroach droppings and that place probably has a bad cockroach infestation. If you see… Broken and damaged wood structures, door frames and window sills, these are most likely damaged caused by termites. This place probably has a termite infestation. If you see… Dirty reddish-brown spots on the walls and bedsheets, these are most likely blood stains caused by bed bugs! This place probably has a scary bed bug infestation. Why is it important to learn how to spot signs of pests when you house hunt? This is because pests are damaging especially for termites, in the longer term, it is going to affect the structural stability with its damaged or cracked wall. Potential collapsed of ceiling and more costly implications such as renovation, replacement or refurbishment might then result. This is an additional to what owners are already paying for the home. A current pest infestation i.e. Carpenter Ants would also lead to having newly furnished furniture to be infested as well eventually. Lastly, be sure to consider the conditions of these houses, apartments and flats well enough. For example, having large cracks, crevices and gaps could lead to a longer term pest problem as pests like to hide and breed in these gaps. Read more on How to Easily Identify Signs of Pests and in case of any doubts, be in touch with one of our pest specialists today, we are here to help!  

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