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Shopping Amongst 3000 Home Tiles

To be frank, floor tiles were never our top priority. We focused more on good quality furnishing and appliances. So when we received’s invite to the Homely Experience with Hansgrohe event, we signed up pronto. Soon Bee Huat was one of the esteemed presenters for ideal bathroom tiles and we took a mental note to check them out when the appropriate time came.

Two months down the road, we received our keys to the house and found ourselves needing to find replacement tiles for our kitchen and bathrooms. The white kitchen floor tiles that came with the house were extremely rough and stained easily, and so we went off to find the tile specialist that we knew about, to resurrect our ideal bathroom and kitchen.

common-bathroom-with-hdb-tilesCommon Bathroom with HDB Tiles

master-bathroom-with-hdb-tilesMaster Bathroom with HDB Tiles

I met up with Don at Soon Bee Huat showroom one fateful day. As a business development manager, he was very knowledgeable. He first introduced the different types of tiles that were available and provided advice on how to maintain the tiles. He even shared the common problems with the tilers out in the market and the system/technology they used to ensure the tiles are aligned. It was really good knowledge that would come in handy when we, as first-timers, have to deal with contractors later on.

sbh-showroom-entranceSoon Bee Huat Showroom Entrance

variety-of-tiles-coffee-loungeAn Aisle to rich variety of Tiles. Meanwhile Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at the Lounge.

Selecting tiles at Soon Bee Huat was like shopping in a well-stocked supermarket. I was able to match my selected wall tiles against the floor tiles available. All I had to do after going through the whole showroom was to indicate the tiles selected and the appropriate floor size. The counter staff did the rest (calculation of the number of tiles required, etc.). Easy peasy.

Selection-of-Tiles-in-ProcessSelection of Tiles in Process

Spoilt-for-Choices-of-tilesSpoilt for Choices

minimalist-seamless-tilesWe were attracted to this

Tiles-DeliveredTiles Delivered

Halfway through the tiling process, my ID mentioned that tiles were insufficient due to a miscalculation. We immediately called up Soon Bee Huat as any delays would mean that our flooring would not be completed in time for the carpentry to go up. It was nice to hear a calm voice assuring us on the other end, telling us that all we had to do was provide our address so they could retrieve the relevant information from their database. They proceeded to replenish our tiles the very next day.

sbh-vintage-tilesOur Vintage Tiles

Tiler-at-Work-BathroomTiler at Work, Bathroom

Tiler-at-Work-KitchenTiler at Work, Kitchen

renovation-work-in-progressWork in Progress!

The end result was stupendously good. Many of our guests commented that our toilets were different from others they’ve seen before and it felt luxurious yet cosy (discreet pat on own back for picking good quality Italian tiles). The kitchen-patterned tiles, on the other hand, gave off a vintage vibe, which tied in well with our cement screed walls and white carpentry.

If you are unsure about how the tiles will look in your home, Soon Bee Huat provides a small sample for you to take back (subject to availability). Visit their awesome showroom at 3A Toh Guan Rd East.

Vintage-Design-Kitchen-sbh-TilesVintage Design Kitchen Tiles

sbh-Completed-Common-BathroomCompleted Common Bathroom

Completed Master Bathroom

Completed Master Bathroom

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