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Safety proof your home– All you need to know before embarking your DIY Renovation Journey Part 11

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As we embark on our DIY Renovation Journey, we conducted a lot of research and talked to quite a number of experienced contractors and project managers to tap on their experience and expertise. Nevertheless, one of the areas we noticed was that most project managers tend to overlook safety. This is because unexpected safety implications may arise from the proposed renovation design.

Design: Space Atelier

Safety Issue #1: Increased risks of children falling from the windows

Case in point
Due to the lack of a proper storage and utility room, we had to devise ways to incorporate sufficient repository for our belongings. To address the acute shortage of space, we decided to build plenty of floor platform storage. After computing the volume of storage we needed, we realized that the depth of the storage platform would be quite deep. Subsequently, this design had an unintended safety aspect. Due to the design of our large, ceiling to floor casement windows, small kids can reach and unlock the windows easily. Hence, this increased the risks of the small children falling out of the windows when they open the windows wide enough to step out.

Safety Issue #2: Danger of tripping over the stairs

In addition, since the storage platform is quite high, a 2 “step-down” stairs were incorporated to allow us to comfortably climb onto and step off the platform. However, this posed another problem since we might trip over the stairs when it is pretty dark at night.

To resolve this, we have to turn to other means for a solution. In the end, this is what we implemented to address these 2 issues.

Solution #1: Concealed Window Limiter

Children, especially those that are under-fives, are most vulnerable from accidental falls out of the windows. Fortunately, window limiters allow the much needed fresh air to circulate, whilst protecting the children from fatal falls. In fact, there are many types of child safety window limiters in the Singapore market. The solutions are in the form of sliding locks, window latches or cable locks.

Window cable locks image from Hong Ye Eco Technologies

In the end, due to aesthetic reasons, we decided to go for the concealed window limiters, which were hidden within the casement window frames. These specially designed limiters from Hong Ye Eco Technologies came with an engaging, locking and dis-engaging system and were specially designed to restrict the window opening to a maximum of 10 cm. Once the limiter was dis-engaged with a key, the window could be fully opened.

Images from Hong Ye Eco Technologies


Concealed window limiters are great alternatives if you do not want to go for traditional windows grilles or invisible grilles. They are much cheaper and the downtime for the installation is also much shorter!

Solution #2: Motion light sensors

To ensure that there is adequate lighting whenever we use the 2 step stairs while climbing onto and getting off the platform, we decided to install the Philips Accents Spot Light SpotOn 360 White, compact motion LED light sensors which can be angled in any direction to point the light exactly where we need it. To conserve the energy, the intensity of the light can be changed to best suit our lighting needs.

Image from shop365


Install the motion light sensors in areas such as hallways and bathrooms to prevent tipping and falls by the elderly and young children at night.

Fortunately,  we have set aside additional budget during the planning stage to address unexpected expenses like these and the renovation went ahead smoothly!


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