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Romantic Bedroom Renovation Ideas


The bedroom is the most sacred part of the home. It is a safe place, a haven. But over time it can become a dowdy, cluttered bed space. Here are some bedroom renovation ideas to turn dreary sleeping quarters into a romantic retreat for two.

Start the bedroom renovation by ridding the room of all the clutter. Organization can help maximize already limited space. Paint those dull and drab white walls with warm tones to create a relaxing atmosphere where the homeowners can escape and just lay in love. One way to revamp an old room is to simply rearrange the existing furniture. With a little elbow grease and some vision, the room can have a whole new look. The bed is the essential piece in any bedroom renovation. Installing a custom-made headboard will create that romantic backdrop for the bed, making it an opulent focal point for the room. Investing in plush sheets can also complement the ornate style of the boudoir, as well as reflect the couple’s style. Lighting is crucial in the bedroom renovation.

Nightstand lamps should be kept close enough for reading in bed. But replace harsh white beams for softer yellow lighting. Three-way bulbs are a good option that allows a change in wattage to suit the couple’s mood. Finally, adding a personal touch to the bedroom renovation is vital to reviving a room. Swapping worn out cabinet and drawer handles and pulls for more decorative ones is an easy and affordable task. The devil is in the details. It is all about making decisions that result in one cohesive look and feel.

The key to a romantic bedroom renovation is to add touches that are stimulating to the senses yet keep the space warm and relaxing to afford the couple quality time with one another.

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